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Weighted Blanket with Removable Super Soft Minky Cover and Premium Glass Beads

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Key Features:

  • PROMOTES A SOUND SLEEP: weighted blankets provide natural sleep help for adults and kids by creating the sensation of being held to encourage a restful sleep; it can help alleviate PTSD, anxiety, autism, ADHD and restlessness
  • 12/15/20 LBS WEIGHTED BLANKET: designed with 15x15 compartments filled in with sewn-in glass beads, which are odorless and non-toxic, to create gentle pressure, just like the feeling of getting a warm hug; it also offers better temperature control
  • 100% COMBED COTTON: cotton blankets are more breathable and will copy the temperature in the room; If the room is cool, the weighted blanket will not be hot and the 100% cotton will release body heat while the person is sleeping
  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT WEIGHT: choose the blanket weight according to your body weight (should be 10%-12% of your body weight plus 1lbs); 15 lbs blanket is suitable for 90-150 lbs individuals and 20 lbs blanket for 150-200 lbs individuals
  • THE SIZE OF THE BLANKETS: due to their weight, it is not recommended to choose oversized blankets; the twin/queen/king size of weighted blanket is smaller than twin/queen/king size of regular blankets 

Product Description

Have a sound sleep with the help of LANGRIA's weighted blankets. Our collection of weighted blankets in different sizes and weights allows the user to choose the just right blanket to improve the quality of the sleep in a natural way. Let the gentle pressure of the blankets wrap you as if being hugged and enjoy sweet dreams with our weighted blankets.


This is a 20 lbs queen size weighted blanket made of ultrafine ground material with a removable 100% mink cover, which is super soft and smooth. These materials have been carefully picked because they are skin-friendly, truly soft and breathable, allowing you to use the weighted blanket all year round if needed.

Please note:

· Pregnant women, babies under 5 years old, and people who can't move the weighted blanket themselves are prohibited to use them.

· A weighted blanket should be smaller than your regular bed blankets because it is made to cover your body, not the whole bed. This is why the twin/queen/king sizes of weighted blankets are smaller than the twin/queen/king sizes of

· Weighted Blankets should never go past the shoulders, and should never cover the head.


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
First time weighted blanket user! Good investment!

I have heard the benefit of weighted blanket before but never took action to get one for myself due to the price. As I have started my career and realize how important that health means to me, I made this purchase after some research. I don't regret a bit.

I purchased the 15 pounds one with a cover based on my weight. I really like the texture and color of the cover and it also keeps my blanket clean; however, it can be tricky and complicated to put the blanket in for people who have not used cover for their comfort or quilt before. I suggest the seller changes the design to use one stipple of zipper instead of two.

I use the blanket as my quilt or comfort in bed. For the first several days, maybe because it was new to me or the weather was kind of warmer that days, I felt it was too heavy for me. As day went by, the temperature dropped and also my body adjusted to it, I noticed the big difference of my sleep quality. The blanket can shape itself to give me a perfect hold according to my sleeping gesture and body shape. It feels like a best cuddle from the sweetest lover.

It would be awesome if the seller can make the item more affordable. Overall, I recommend it, especially in this cold winter.

I will come back to update my review if something comes up in the future.

A very comfortable blanket.

I like the comfort of this blanket. A pain in the butt to clean but acceptable.


I bought this for my 16 year old daughter who has anxiety issue-she loves it! She's recommending it to all her friends. She's really sleeping better.

Awesome blanket, can't go wrong.

I love everything about this blanket. The weight is evenly distributed unlike a few others that I've tried. It really does help with sleepless nights due to anxiety/sensory processing disorder. It doesn't make me hot, it actually keeps me pretty cool. I sometimes use an extra blanket if I'm feeling a little chilly. I did somewhat of a diy dry clean just to freshen it a little, haven't fully submerged it in water as yet. I expect it to last quite some time and I'm overall happy with this purchase and even happier with the price I paid.

I feel like Linus van Pelt from the Peanuts

This is my favorite blanket. If it weren't so heavy I would carry it everywhere just like Linus van Pelt from Peanuts, but the weight of it is my favorite part! It is so soft, and the weight of it conforms to your body as you lay in bed.