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Share the Beauty with LANGRIA, Win LANGRIA Jewelry Armoire Here>>

Pregnancy Pillow Nursing Maternity Pillow Body Support

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Key Features:

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: conforming to the beautiful and natural curved shape of pregnant women, LANGRIA has designed this unique pillow to efficiently support back and belly and elevates the head to help improve blood circulation while you are resting

COMFORTABLE & FUNCTIONAL: you can tucking it between your knee to alleviate the swelling of the legs and feet, releasing your pressure and improving your sleep; no need to toss and turn to find the comfortable position

CUSHIONED PADDING: to ensure the most comfortable body support for a perfect night’s sleep, this pregnancy snuggle body pillow is abundantly filled with fiber, to create a bigger fluffy effect and a longer-lasting resilience and durability

CRESCENT PILLOW: the pillow comes with a detachable and adjustable crescent cushion; together they will create many comfortable positions for basic daily activities such as reading, watching TV, nursing and more

CARE: for better and long-lasting use of this pregnancy pillow, you can wash the removable super-soft velboa fabric out cover that comes in a zippered design to make it easier to remove

Product specifications
Overall Dimensions: 37.4 x 24.8 - 29.5 x 6.3 inches 
Net Weight: 4 lbs. (1800 g)

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Epic pillow

Have to say the wife is very happy with this pillow, and on the occasion were she is to warm I'm very happy with it aswell, hahaha...

Great product for such a cheap price!!

It was okay

Gives me support but when you turn on the other side you need to adjust the pillow to give you equal support.

Great pillow

Great pillow, I have really bad back pain,This has helped me to be comfortable and get a good nights sleep. recommended.

Justify the price

I didn’t want to spend massively on the pregnancy pillow as didn’t know if it works for me or not. This product material came better than I though (considering the cheap price), it does work. The only thing is I’m quite petite, length wise may be a little longer for me, otherwise happy in all aspects. One more thing is I think it can be used for baby’s tummy time exercise, so even better saving.

Quality product

Bought this for my wife ,she loves it for her belly support while sleeping, and no more back pain in the middle of the night