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5 Tier Shelving Units Storage Rack

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Key Features:

LANGRIA offers the multipurpose storage rack to keep you living space clean and fits any room with ease. With roomy space of different shelf units, you’re able to store your personal stuff or household items while get them organized in the way you like.

Keep you stuff organized with smart storage solutions

1. This classic 5-tier wire storage rack is perfect to store your books, magazines, the remote controller or any other daily use items you want to keep organized in different shelf unit. Plus it’s great for any room for saving space while remaining clutter-free.

2. Made of the heavy duty metal base for stability while storage, this storage rack features 5 tiers of adjustable shelving units enabling to hold up to 275 lbs. of goods.

3. A thoughtfully designed side hook-rail with 5 hooks not only easily hangs your scarf, gloves, bags and more, but also provides extra space of the storage rack to keep more stuff stored.

4. The sleek stoving varnish finish on surface adds a sense of style to any home decor, and it’s non-toxic, harmless and odorless to protect the storage rack against rust and corrosion.

5. Simply place the clips in the slots at a height of your own choosing, slide the shelves on top to finish the setup process with ease, while the adjustable feet enables you to spend less time shimmying and balancing.

Well Built for Long Term Use

Assembly Tips:

1. We recommend loading heavy objects on the bottom shelf for maximum stability.
2. If you find the shelf is not sturdy enough, please adjust the leveling foot to loosen or tighten to achieve the ideal status.
Please do not think of the product as defective if you see a gap between the screw and the leveling foot even when it’s fully screwed. This is a normal phenomenon.
3. Please move the shelving unit by holding individual shelving panel. Instead, hold the vertical supporting post both on the top and bottom to remain stable and prevent it from falling apart.
4. Please follow our assembly instructions and do not use external tools to hammer the rack and clips to prevent further damage.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 60 x 35.05 x 150.1 cm (23.6 x 13.8 x 59.1 in)
  • Gross Weight: 7.21 kg (15.9 lbs.)


Stylish Storage Rack & Assemble with Ease

Customer Reviews

Based on 308 reviews

Just the right size for my closet. Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Shelves can be put in any position you want. It took about 30 mins to assemble. The feet are adjustable so there is no wobbling on uneven floors. The finish paint is great and doesn't scratch easily. It came with some hooks which I didn't see in the picture and is is to hang some utensils on. Packaging was just right and there was no damage. I'm happy with it.

This fit perfectly in the open space I needed to fill.

I purchased this to put in my new condo. I have a half closet/half linen closet(?) that was not useful to me as I have already 2 huge closets. Since I have so many kitchen gadgets and real small cabinets, I needed this to be a pantry instead since it was next to the kitchen anyway. I plan on doing a legit pantry later but for now I do have some shelves and just needed to put shelves in the open section of this closet. Hence I found this shelf to fit real good in the open space. This unit was very easy to put together. The hardest part was trying to configure where to put the shelves. I first put the bottom shelf way at the bottom but realized I am losing floor space I can put real heavy stuff on. Here is a pic of what I have organized so far. I have some boxed food in another storage space and may switch the plasticware over from there to here. Not sure yet, but for now this solved my problem real well. I may also add liners if I do put packaged food here.

Great space saver

Bought their 6 tier organizer and it saved a bunch of space. It is easy to make, but it does take 2 person to make one.(much more easy to make one with helper). It takes about 30mins to 50mins to build it, and it stays on really well.

It is durable, and holds heavy item really well. I put two boxes of water/can at the bottom storage and it has no problems at all.

Reasonable price, and easy to make, and manual is included as well. Came in huge box, well protected without any scratch. I had the white one, but black one looks bit more fancy than the white one.

Overall...! I am really satisfied.

Easy set up & Sturdy

We got this for our kitchen in order to put appliances on. It was extremely easy to set up, it took the 2 of us about 10 minutes maybe even less. The part that took the longest was deciding how high we wanted each shelf. The shelves are sturdy and hold about 2 appliances per shelf. Such my rice cooker, popcorn maker...things of that sort. I am already trying to find more places in the house where we can use another one!

This shelf is very nice. Overall I am happy with it

This shelf is very nice. Overall I am happy with it. I'm bummed that the shelf came with several sections of the racking bent out of shape. The shelf is smaller than I expected but that is my fault for not measuring it out. The directions are pretty useless but the shelf is extremely easy to put together once you figure out what to do. The shelf have a top and bottom meaning you can't place the shelf with the lip facing up. The brackets that support the shelf have to be hammered into the shelf holes. The shelf poles come in 3 pieces. There is a correct top, middle and bottom piece. Make sure and pay attention to that because once you join the pole sections together it's almost impossible to disconnect them!!

I have had these shelving units for a few weeks now and love them. They are extremely sturdy and hold heavy items well!