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Clothes Iron Vertical Steam

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Key Features:

VERY SOFT FOR FABRIC: uses the ceramic spray thermostat technology of the motherboard and intelligent iron sole to intelligently control the temperature for use even with delicate fabrics 

DRY HEAT FUNCTION: when the 150ml water tank, you can continue ironing your clothes without water thanks to the hot drying function

60 SECONDS PREHEATING: the garment steamer has a fast preheat function; can heat the motherboard to 130-150 ° C in just 60 seconds

NO WATER STAINS: Unique 3-stroke atomizing technology provides Delicate nano-dry high-temperature steam to prevent spills and water spots

VERTICAL and PORTABLE: light and small to carry, you can hang your clothes for steaming or use an ironing board; includes a 20cm long cable with velcro for easy storage


LANGRIA's new hand-held steamer (model LS-536B) is a small iron vapor for travel-sized clothes with a powerful 1100-1300W, 220V AC, 50Hz and a rapid heating system in just 60 seconds. Remove wrinkles from your garments quickly and easily thanks to the comfortable design and versatility: you can hang your clothes or use an ironing board (cable length of 2.35m in length)

Note: The LANGRIA LS-536B clothing steamer has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. Please, check the user manual for more details.

  • Dimensions of the product: 28 cm W x 11 cm. D x 8 cm Alt
  • Package dimensions: 34.5 cm wide x 14.5 cm wide x 11 cm high
  • Cable length: 2.35 m
  • Net weight of the equipment: 0.94kg
 Triple atomization technology
With a unique triple spray technology, the LANGRIA Iron produces extra fine steam that penetrates deeply into the fabrics without leaving any stains or damages, eliminating wrinkles with greater ease. The temperature is stable, so it can be used in delicate fabrics such as polyester, nylon, silk, linen, gauze, wool, cotton, bedding and more.
Protect your clothes with ceramic thermostat technology
To protect your clothes from extreme heat, the clothes steamer features a base plate ceramic sprayer thermostat technology and a secure iron bottom plate that intelligently controls the temperature of the motherboard. The vaporizer base plate temperature reaches 130-150 ℃ and vaporizes at 180 ℃. For safety reasons, the vaporizer has a light that will light immediately when it is plugged in.
Larger water tank for less refills
Our steam iron has a tank with a capacity of 150ml of water, which will provide around 13-15 minutes of continuous steam use. In addition, thanks to the dry heat function of the vaporizer, you can continue to steam your clothes even if the water tank runs out of water.

Water tank capacity: 5.07 oz. (150 ml)
Portable and light in travel size
Made of ABS material, our iron is quite light (0.94kg) and small (28cm x 11cm x 8cm), so it can be collected in your travel bag. It is also recommended for people who work in the fashion industry and for those who need to eliminate wrinkles quickly and easily. The cable has a length of 2.35m, you can easily plug it in and steam your clothes. For easy storage, the cable can be secured with your Velcro.

Package includes: 1 x Handheld steamer, 1 x Cloth brush, 1 x Silicone pad, 1 x Carrying case, 1 x User manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Easy to use, gets the job done

I bought this iron because it's compact and also functions as a steamer. It comes with a silicone mat you use to rest the iron on when it's hot (you can't sit it up like a traditional iron). It warms up quickly, and glides very smoothly while removing wrinkles. I didn't have to add any water during the process and when finished you can leave it resting on the silicone mat until it's cooled down. It comes with a brush attachment as well as a velvet drawstring carrying case for travel. I love that you can iron with it or hang a garment up and use it to steam wrinkles. Very versatile and perfect for business trips.

Excited to steam iron!

Boy, was I excited to receive this! Steam ironing is usually a chore, which I hate doing but need to with the amount of dress shirts I wear. The unit comes out of the box with a brush attachment, a heat resistant silica pad, and a nice little travel/storage pouch, along with the usual paperwork (instructions and thank you card). The brush attachment and water tank both slide into place, so make sure you have it on it's tracks. If it doesn't fit, don't force it on. Realign it and try again. The water tank doesn't leak and fills up with just over 1/2 cup of water. The power cable length is ample and has velcro to help with chord storage. There is only 2 "buttons" so you can't mess up usage. 1 powers on the unit, the other is the trigger to engage steam. Once plugged in and turned on, wait about a minute, press the trigger and you'll hear it start to make steam. The unit does make a funny sound when the trigger is first engaged to make steam. It's not alarming, but you can definitely differentiate between on/off with the trigger depressed. The silica pad that is provided is used to rest the unit between uses. It does NOT stand on its end, but rather rests with the hot plate down, thus the need for the pad. Great addition and thinking by the manufacturer. You can see above, it does its job very well and quickly getting wrinkles out of my white dress shirts. A few passes and done! A joy to use and small enough to leave out/travel with as needed.

The vendor did reach out and provide this unit for a review, and boy am I glad they did! Great item!

Great little garment steamer/iron!

This is a nice garment steamer/Iron combo. It heats up very quickly, about 60 seconds. Very easy to use and pretty good size water compartment. The only thing I would have liked is if the iron head was a bit larger. It’s good for everyday garments but on the small side for larger items such as sheets and blankets. It’s very portable and comes with a nice velvet carrying case. Good if you need to take it on trips or to events. The steam function worked very well and the water compartment is a good size, enough to do several garments without refilling. Very good product and great price.

LANGRIA Iron Garment Steamer

I got this with a bit of fear because I have never used an iron, and was pleasantly surprised how easy and effective this product works. I hate having wrinkles in my shirts but with two young children it can be difficult to try to iron my clothes, because of this product I can quickly use a steamer in those times I have to be quick or an ironing when I have the time.

Does what it’s meant to do.

Works great both vertically and horizontally.
Water reservoir too small and runs out too quick. I wish it has a bigger water reservoir that gets through many more clothes before refill.
I also wish the ironing surface heats up a little more for dry press. In that case, presets for different fabric types would also be great.