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Nothing una Tao lied to me

Langrias Dacor have people that use you in there groups to get u to invite all ur friends and promised you was a VIP then. Comes up with another excuse this company needs to get rid of. Una Tao she's a big lier fraud others are talking about her to she's not to be trusted

Sturdy, Roomy, and Affordable Armoire

This large, yet affordable armoire, holds quite a bit of clothes on its hanger rods. Also has shelving, which is handy for shoes. Its also sturdy enough to place items on top as well. Easy to zip up and close as well. Assembly was a breeze. Highly recommended 👍🏻

Nice quality and more space... yay!!

Both myself and the other person who the stand was purchased are very pleased with the product. I actually ordered two more for other employees.

Holds so much!

First of all this was incredibly easy to put together, you only need a screwdriver. They also supply an extra of each piece if you lose/break one. And even give you wall mounting screws and drywall brackets. I don't trust myself to mount something this heavy to the wall, so I used the stand.

I had run out of room in my dresser top classic jewelry box and this was perfect to hold everything. And adding a mirror to my bedroom was a plus! There's 2-3 rows for necklaces, 6 rows for earrings and 6 rows for rings. There's shelves to put oils, lotions, makeup, brooches, and anything else you'd need to get ready! There a pouch to keep longer or delacate necklaces in or use them for makeup brushes or other skinny taller bottles.

I wish that it had a bracelet or bangle bar/hook in it, but you can always use a necklace hook or I use the shelves and pouches for mine. A small light inside would be helpful too but that's my personal preference. The wood color is a nice basic dark color and goes with just about anything. It also comes with a key so you can lock it to keep kids out, which I love having a toddler that likes to get into everything. It's a little pricier than I like, but I think it's pretty worth it. It doesn't feel or look cheap to me and I'm so glad hubby got me this for Christmas!

Resistente y de gran capacidad

Me ha encantado, fácil de montar, resistente, y gran capacidad. ideal para toda la familia. Muy recomendable


This cabinet with mirror and storage place for jewelry is gorgeous. I really want to buy it. It has a modern, special design, I can always look in the mirror when I make up or when I choose my jewelry to wear. Every woman should have him in her room.

My dad wanted one for Xmas & this was perfect, affordable & shipped fast!

Super util

Me encanta, lo puedes usar para un montón de cosas y en un montón de espacios, ya que como es apilable lo puedes poner donde mejor te venga. Resistente y con tapa, es genial.

What would happen if Disney villians ran a customer service department?

One Black Friday in 2019, I ordered a product and left out Black Friday coupon code. An email was sent five minutes after placing the order explaining the situation and asking for the coupon code to be applied to the order. No response for a week. Sent another email asking for the coupon code to be applied. Their response doesn't address my question and says, 'coupon code is no longer valid'. This is the first response I've heard in over a week and I'm now agitated. I tell them, if they can't honor the coupon code, to cancel my order. Over two days later they tell me the order has shipped and provide the tracking information. I'm now furious. I say I will dispute the credit card charges and decline the shipment. This finally get's them to issue a refund for the amount of the coupon code.

Their incompetent customer service has made this entire situation so much worse than it should be. They evaded actually addressing the issue I had for over a week and when I tell them to cancel my order, they conveniently take over two days to respond by saying the order has already shipped.

These people are unethical and crooks. They are what would happen if you mixed IKEA with organized crime. I'm 92% sure Jafar from Aladdin is their entire customer service department. I feel like I was a victim of an online retailer equivalent of Operation Glowing Symphony.

In the end I got refunded for the coupon code. Since it's a gift and I haven't opened it yet. I fully expect it to be broken and/or a dead animal to be inside. If either of these happens, I will quietly eat the cost, for the ~$150 loss is worth never having to deal with these people again.

Moral of the story, I'm a horrible person that left my coupon code off; for this I should be subject to customer service brought to you by the criminally inept.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. I gave this review 5 stars because everything's made up and the points don't matter.

Joyero pequeño pero bonito

Joyero de muy buena calidad y buenos remates, su diseño minimalista hace de él un básico en el cual guardar todos tus accesorios (joyas) más preciados. Este joyero es perfecto para mantener ordenadas tus joyas en el mínimo espacio y como decoración en mi mesilla de noche queda genial.

Destacó: Que es muy ligero y que su cerradura podría mejorarse ya que no es segura cien por cien.
El modelo que recibí es el de color verde.

Perfecto con cualquier estilo

Es fácil de montar, fuerte y consistente, con mucho hueco para poner los zapatos, zapatillas etc sin duda buen producto, recomendable


Easy to use and very fashionable. Comes with a key. Recommended

Manta sirena

Un estupendo tegido, muy cómodo de usar y bien calentito para las noches de frío, además esta decorado para sentirse como una verdadera sirena, muy buena atención y servicio de entrega, recomendable,


The Langria shoemaker is a great product, robust and resistant, as well as a great capacity to have your shoe collection in order, very safe packaging and with a super fast shipping, 100% recommended


It is so cute to put inside jewels.

Very pretty and functional for our office


La cogí un poco por probar pero me ha sorprendido para bien ya que es súper suave calentita y muy original en casa gustado un montón. Seguramente vuelva a comprar otra para regalárselo a mi tía que estas cosas le encantan os lo recomiendo a todos!!!


Ce tour de cou et magnifique , confortable et avec cette capuche c'est le top pour dormir en plein jour 😉.

Mermaide/cola de sirena/very beautiful

Es suave,calentita,grande,brillante.A mis princesas les encanta .

warm blanket

Nice blanket, especially my youngest son loves it, it fits our summer house. Company recommended!! Great products


I liked it very much, it is better than I expected, everything is perfect, it has a lot of space, to put all our jewels, it also brings drawers, which are used to store other things, a super powerful light, you can even put on makeup, it is not I can keep saying more things, in short, perfect

Cute Product

I got this for my little grandson and he loved it. Colors are so bright and vibrant. Material is very soft. Has a nice weight to the comforter, not too heavy and not too thin.

Great Product

This is a nice set of silicon kitchen utensils They are great to use on my non stick pans so they don't get scratched up. Nice variety of tools for every cooking need.

3 Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack, Free Stand Storage Shelf for Boots Heels Bag Holder

Muy fácil de montar

Me ha encantado,es muy fácil de montar,de echo lo he montado yo sola y mi marido miraba 😁 Me gusta porqué puedes ponerlo como quieras,yo me he hecho 2 armarios jeje .Cabe mucha cosa,así que me servirá de mucho!