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Weighted Blanket

With a weighted blanket, you get the feeling of a soothing hug all night long. This modern technology in blankets is aimed at giving its users a much more relaxing effect as compared to a common blanket. The additional load in this blanket is due to small weight balls that are distributed evenly throughout the blanket in square pockets, this keeps the weight of these weighted blankets evenly distributed even when you fold it or move it around vigorously while you sleep. 

At LANGRIA we have different sizes, colors and weight options available in our weighted blanket collection so you can choose the best one that fits your needs. Each blanket is made of premium-grade material that ensures durability and reliability. Our blankets are for kids and adults, details on choosing the right weighted blanket are given in each product description so that you can make an informed and learned purchase decision. So get your weighted blanket today from the wide collection at LANGRIA.


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