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Travel Pillow

With a travel pillow from LANGRIA at your hand, your journeys and trips are made much more comfortable and relaxing. These amazing neck pillows help a great deal when you are taking some zzz's on your tours in a bus, train, car, or airplanes. They support your neck so that you don't fall asleep in a wrong posture and hurt your neck for weeks to come. They also provide a comfy and cozy head resting place so you can firmly place your head and take that much-needed rest on your way. A travel pillow in your luggage will always prove to be handy.

At LANGRIA we design and manufacture each of our travel pillow with great care. The ergonomics of the design are especially engineered for a soothing touch. The fillings are chosen to match your different needs, and the overall weight and dimensions are kept at just the right amount so that you get the perfect neck support pillow. Browse through our collection, and get yourself an affordable, durable, comfy and stylish travel pillow. 

    from $11.99

    Memory Foam Travel Pillow with Hood– LANGRIA | best neck support for long flights

    Key Features PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM: durable hypoallergenic memory foam supports the neck and maintains correct spinal alignment, thus eliminating ten...

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    from $11.99