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Gel-Infused Mattress

A gel mattress or commonly known as gel memory foam mattress is the combination of two technologies, the smoothness of memory foam mattress is combined with the cooling effect from the infused Gel. The gel is infused in the top layer of the foam which retains less heat as you sleep on it and promotes air circulation to emit heat. This combination makes the gel mattress a great choice for everyone, especially for people who prefer a cooler sleep at night. 

At LANGRIA we design and manufacture all of our products with careful attention to every detail, and the gel mattress is no exception to it. Made of premium grade material and going through rigorous testings, LANGRIA gel mattresses are made to last for a long time without sinking on any part of it. Furthermore, the gel beads infused in the foam makes it denser that ensures a comfortable and sturdy structure. So get your gel mattress now, and enjoy soothing, comfy and cozy nights of sleep.

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