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Foldable Cube Storage

These storage drawers are finished with a simplistic premium touch by application of high-density faux linen fabric. You can situate these drawers at your home on accent wall as a decor that will easily integrate your home furnishing style. The classic structure of the tower features different sizes of drawers, which provide great versatility of use, with easy combination of expressions. With the large space each drawer provides, you can effectively organize all your items to declutter your home in style for a fresh and tidy household. The tower can also be used as a great bed-side table along with its wooden tabletop. You can even make the most use of these storage drawers with much weight to stabilize the table and to display pictures and flowers on the tabletop to customize your home decor.

The materials LANGRIA uses on the storage drawers are durable and odor-free. You can store much heavy stuff like a quilt or pillow in it without worrying about breaking the drawers or lingering strange smells on the items. Feel free to use fresheners to add some lovely odors to your storage drawers and the items stored inside of it.

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