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Car Neck Pillow

A car neck pillow is one of the most important gadgets that you must carry with you on your travels and trips. At LANGRIA we have designed our car neck pillows to attend to your multiple needs. You can use it as a support pillow for your neck if you want to take quick short naps when you are traveling in a car, train, airplane or bus, or you can also use it as a lumbar support pillow for your back when sitting for long hours in any chair or seat, either be it in automobiles or office. With an ergonomic design and stylish look, LANGRIA car neck pillow provides great support to your neck in long drives and more. 

LANGRIA car neck pillows are made of memory foam material that gives it the soft and soothing touch. Comes elegant and cool covers, that are easily detachable for washing purposes. It also has an elastic strap so you can easily wrap it around any seats head part. So get your car neck pillow now and enjoy quick, comfy and cozy naps when you travel around. 


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