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Store all your books, magazines, comics in style with LANGRIA bookshelf. The stylish bookshelves are specially designed to be used in your living room, bedroom, or office. By placing a ladder bookshelf in your home, you’ll have a great storage place and stylish decor that will serve as a perfect alternative for your traditional storage shelves. You can also place flowers, delicate crafts, and other small ornaments to supplement your bookcase’s look. With the spacious design, it aids declutter and store away plenty of your favorite books in style. The bookshelf is an ideal choice for you to organize your books and everyday items at home.

Our bookshelf is capable of holding a large amount of weight on each of its shelves. The thick chipboard constructed with durable bamboo provides anti-scratch and perfectly sized shelves; along with the thick frame built for industrial sturdiness that supports heavy weights. The ladder bookcase is constructed so durably that you can place almost anything on it alongside with your books. Due to its simplistic structure, the bookcase is also easy to assemble. Following the included instructions and tools, you can set up the bookshelf in minutes.

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