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Ultimate Magnifying Mirrors Comparison Table

2018 top-selling magnifying mirrors on Amazon: a comparison table

In our previous article, we spoke about the main features of magnifying mirrors and how to choose the best magnifying mirror according to your needs. As mentioned, most users can benefit from a mirror with an enlargement image level of 5X. For more precise grooming and makeup work, it is best a higher magnification level. Besides the magnification feature, there are other interesting features to look for in your next vanity desk mirror. Some of the most important are: the size of the mirror, the adjustability and if it comes with lights or not. Makeup mirrors with lights, also known as Hollywood style mirrors, are a great solution as you can apply your makeup flawlessly at any time of the day. But beware! When choosing yours, make sure that the light is white, as it is the most similar to natural daylight. Choosing other lights like yellow might end up in a memorable makeup fail. In order to help you spot within seconds all the different features of popular magnifying mirrors, LANGRIA has come up with the ultimate 2018 comparison chart of the top-selling Amazon magnifying mirrors. We compare our brand new vanity desk makeup magnifying mirror with other mirrors. Check it out below:

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