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Top DIY Room Decor Tips to Inspire You

Creative DIY room decor ideas with easy access to make it simple to decorate your bedroom, living room or any other corner in your home. These decor inspirations can be repositioned and add a striking personal style to your room. Below, LANGRIA will give you 9 DIY room decor tips on how to add more creativity by yourself. Take a look and get inspired!

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Rustic Flower Bottles


Rustic Flower Bottles



There definitely are some leftover glass bottles somewhere in your home and, if not, simply finish a bottle of wine. Clean these wine bottles, dry them, and stand by. You can fill these bottles with fresh flowers like champagne rose and eustoma. This is a classic DIY room decor inspiration for holding little florals or as standalone decor.

Add some Eucalyptus and greenery, pick different types of ribbons and hemp ropes to wrap around the bottles, and place them on a shelf. When you add white and green colors to your decor, this DIY decor idea is guaranteed to spice up your room.


String Lights in a Glass Dome


string light of DIY room decor

Source: fastconnect 


Delicate, battery-powered string lights bring a new shine to your summer nights. This is a classic DIY room decor idea that adds a simple and rustic touch to your home. Gently feed the strand of lights into a glass dome and adjust them according to your preference. Make the string to be roughly scattered throughout the dome. Furthermore, you can add some shells or pearls in another glass dome in order to create a glossy contrast with the flickering lights. Place them on the vanity table and turn on the lights after nightfall. The string lights twist inside the glass dome, twinkling and sparkling; making the entire room an ethereal cosmic space.


DIY Wall Art


DIY wall

Source: scandiborn


If you have an empty wall and would like to try something different, DIY wall art is one of the coolest DIY room decor ideas. Decorate your walls with stripes, polka dots, or any other design that you like.

The size and style of the patterns often determine the layout. You can use a pencil to note the position of all patterns and the distance between them, which helps you to create a personal colorful decor effectively. Once you have the basic frame, some of the best inspirations sparkle when you just let your imagination run wild. Just use plywood or mounting tape and before you know it, a marvelous rainbow sky appears! Of course, remember to maintain a consistent color-scheme for the overall wall decor when you adopt different colors to innovate.


Delicate Flower Garland


DIY flower garland

Source: proflowers


Nothing forms a better match than elegant flowers and rustic branches this summer. When placed on a white wall, these colorful colors and branches will light up your mood even during the gloomy rainy days. You can customize any type of artificial flower you like such as ranunculi, rose hybrida, gazania and snowball hydrangea. Then utilize the yarn and string aside, you’ll be able to create a flower garland and hang it anywhere in your home. Furthermore, these fake flowers keep their shape, are of long duration, and they hold a bright personality, which adds a holiday feeling to your room and lets you feel the beauty of nature all year.


Colorful Floor Cushion


DIY room cushion

Source: Coisa Minha, Casa


Make a couple of cushions for your floor or seats, it is an absolutely worthy DIY room decor idea. What you need is just a pillow, some fabric and a lengthy rope. Put your cushion on the string and loop it around your pillow, tie a firm knot at the top, and you’re done! With colorful soothing textiles, these durable cushions can fill your seats with new life. It is an extremely easy DIY room decor way and can effectively give your room a pleasant outdoor feeling. 

Additionally, you can craft an enlarged version. Place your cushion directly on to the floor and add some relaxation into your daily life. The extra tip is to craft them with outdoor fabric, so you can take them on the patio for more relaxing when the weather permits.


Decorative Pillows


DIY pillow

Source: interiorgod


I like how this color of green looks paired with white because it creates a taste of freshness and crispness. Additionally, you’ll also love it to match light pink with Tiffany blue to create a room full of imagination and interest. With a touch of romance, these decorative pillows turn a dull monastery into a miniature garden courtyard.It is an easy and fast DIY project to personalize your space. Just pick a soft pillow and craft your own with fabric of mixed color. Remember to cut the fabric into a little smaller size than your pillow. If you’re looking for a DIY room decor solution, do try out this wonderful idea and cozy up for a nice day ahead!


Recover a Lampshade


diy lampshade

Source: corpfinblog


Here’s a DIY room decor idea that only takes 10 minutes to make. When done correctly, it will add interest and character to the decor of your living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home.

The first step is to find your style and decide what you like. Then, add a touch to your room by pairing the base with a patterned lampshade. All you need it a glue gun, old lamp, and linen fabric. A neutral base feels simple and rustic and it helps to bring the brightly-colored fabric and patterns into focus. So it’s better to pick a base with a background color like white, beige or light brown. Once finished, you can add a little plant pot aside. A dash of green in combination with your pretty new lamp is guaranteed to brighten up your room.


A New Color Palette of Summer


diy painting art

Source: inspiredbythis


Use a new color palette to decorate your room by painting the wall with a fun color like yellow, green, or pink. Just start by drawing your favorite animal and patterns on the blank wall, or draw the scenery that you are good at. If one big painting isn't your style, use a lot of colorful blocks to match the overall impression.

See? You can add more creativity to your room by your own work. This is a very easy DIY room decor idea that will add personality to your home.


Modern Dreamcatcher


diy dreamcatcher

Source: urbanoutfitters


Craft a pretty photogenic dreamcatcher to filter out the negative mood and your bad dreams. This is another fantastic way to add a relaxing feeling and the comfort of vision. Along with its magic charming behind the dreamcatcher, many people fall in love with this modern piece for its unique bohemian style. No matter where your inspiration comes from, this easy DIY room decor craft will give modern interpretation and adds happiness into your life.

Cover the hoops, attach individual beads and feathers to the threads, and make your own woven dreamcatcher to hang above your bed. The decoration on the wall injects some dreamy elements in the room. The next time you wake up in your room, you’ll open your eyes and will be greeted by this magical dream catcher. Undeniably, it adds a touch of tenderness into your room.




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