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To Mermaid Lovers - Turn Your Legs into a Tail With a Mermaid Blanket

Everyone has some memory of childhood, everyone remembers the freedom of being young, and the imagination that came with it. Each girl has the fancy of mermaids. Wearing it like the mermaid thighs bonding together, wiggling the legs into the tubular coverup which included a mermaid tail. The mermaid blanket is adorable, and it is taking our childhood mermaid dreams to the next level.


mermaid blanket



Definitely the favorite of the season's hot items, the mermaid blanket has always been the top of expected gift lists in recent three years. Shopping on amazon, wrapping yourself into the blanket, and saying that" I'm actually a mermaid." Many people like to take pictures and post on Instagram or Facebook that themselves or their children lie on the sofa wearing a mermaid tail. Even stars take part in the mermaid craze. Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus both posted their pictures with mermaid blankets. Fashion people such as designer Marc Jacobs created a mermaid blanket for his dog.


Now for all of you mermaid lovers out there, LANGRIA takes a step to explore the magical charm of mermaids and tells you why we should all own a mermaid blanket.


Arouse Your Memory Into Childhood

Many people admit that their love for the mermaid blanket comes from film and television works which impressed them in their childhood. Wearing a mermaid tail blanket that wraps their legs into a shining coverup with a tail, they feel their childhood dream about mermaid come true. The most famous example is the movie Little Mermaid, which started the mermaid craze in the late 1980s, and many people began to know the magical creature from that time. Now the popularity comes back, it makes you feel like a little girl again with a mermaid blanket and want to swim with Ariel along the ocean bottom.


little mermaid-mermaid tail blanket

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There's another facet mermaid myth. If history's mermaids get a happy ending like the little mermaid Ariel, who in this story would be a quite tragic one in Hans Christian Andersen's famous story of the Little Mermaid. In the original story, the little mermaid traded her voice for legs, which caused her to feel like she was always walking on knives, so she could take to land and be with the prince she loved. In the end, she gave up the chance to return to her previous sea-life and let "her body dissolves into foam". The haunting image in a sad love story, who believed in love and still had no happy ending — that's impressive to us all.

And many of you remember the characters of mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, even the scene of the pretty and dangerous mermaid in the 1961 film Night Tide. Mermaids are beautiful and powerful creatures at the same time. These beings, always pretty and dangerous, usually with a strong will, achingly free from any societal or traditional barriers, don't only look like adolescent girls, but they also show how powerful women can be as adolescent girls are shown to be so much more than romantic, vulnerable beings. This can partly explain the popularity of the mermaid blanket.


The Culture of Mermaids

As people imagine, wrapping themselves into a soft mermaid blanket with tastefully knitted scales and a flickering tail, to feel the warm sun and discover that she has turned into a luminous and ethereal maiden. This is a dream about mermaids.

So what's the appeal? Mermaids have an unearthly, magical charm and they also tend to be very beautiful. They remind us of childhood innocence, but is apt to bring another illusion by virtue of being sexy at the same time. It's a nuanced allure.


mermaid blanket and culture

Source: Brylane


Mermaid folklore and legends date back nearly to the beginning of time. Mermaids are described as having a feminine upper body and having the tail of a fish. There seem to be mysterious powers where the ancient folklores contain some reference to shimmering hybrids in the magic creatures, whose existence itself is the symbol of one kind of unknown force. From the sirens of The Odyssey, whose singing was so beautiful as to be deadly, to Hans Christian Andersen's heroine, who pursues love, land and the soul of eternity. Mermaids tend to establish the fuzzification of the sexual boundary (that the fin element does so); they stand for both wild freedom because they belong to the broad ocean, and suppression because of the restriction that they live underwater and can't make love. Mermaids empower women to some unknown magical charming and let them dress something powerful and captivating, while last the enchantment to attract men. In a word, mermaids are one complicated bunch. This is exactly as the mythical creature empower, whose uncertainty and complexity add a figure of dangerous seduction. And so the popularity of mermaids continues.


A Dreamlike Space for You

The mermaid blanket chose a whimsical way to create a dreamy, fantasy atmosphere. It has been driving people to arouse the mermaid complex since the magic item first appeared in our sight, access to express the human's romantic feelings, "You want to believe in the magic."

Something about the mermaid's appearance has captured the imagination of us in these vogue and modern times: the scale design, sequin-like detail made with glossy foil dots, the blue bling-bling fabric evoked a sense of oceanic mystery, from scale-like sequins to aquamarine motifs. The most visible features on the mermaid blanket come from its tail and rounded style, which show the glistening scales in the round elegant shape that fanned out at the bottom to mimic a tail. Both recreate the mermaids' beauty, its slicked-back look as they resurfaced from diving, the wrapping feeling of bonding thighs to create a real mermaid effect, while the bright color and rounded line show a more vulnerable side. It's more than just a spot to catch some childhood memory; it's filled with fashion elements, where you can recall the memory to mermaids as much as you want to. It squirms your feet into the fantasy of being a mermaid, brings an extremely gentle feeling and it offers comfort with its soft hand knitted fabric. Wear your mermaid blanket during a cozy afternoon or rainy morning at home while sitting on your sofa or balcony. There simply is nothing better than this.


mermaid blanket


A girl has got to dream sometimes, and the best way to do so is by letting your imagination travel free with our mermaid dreams. If you have a romantic maiden heart, get yourself a mermaid blanket and create a wonderful dreamlike life.


At LANGRIA, it ‘s pretty easy to turn yourself from an ordinary human into a mythical creature thanks to our stunning mermaid blanket. Leave your ideas in the comment section below and share the mood with mermaid lovers as well as those who have a maiden heart!

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