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The Ultimate House Moving Checklist - 15 Things to Check Before Moving

Here we present a house moving checklist including 15 major points to keep in mind to help you ease the stress during the house moving process. Whether you prepare to head across town or across country, this house moving guide will assure you an efficient move. Before you start packing your things, have a read through this house moving checklist to understand what tasks you have in front of you.

Prepare and be organized  

The first thing included in the house moving checklist is the most important of all: good preparation. It means more than just about getting all your packing supplies and moving company details ready. A good preparation is similar to an action plan. From the very beginning when you set the mind to change a new place, you need a detailed preparation plan to help make the whole move process smooth and efficient. A move across country may take up to 2 months’ of detailed preparation. Knowing your next steps in advance can not only help to make the move simple and thus ease your stress over the move, but it also allows you to spare enough time in case you need to react quickly when alternations need to be made. That is, a back-up plan we need when things don’t always go as what we’ve planned.


prepare for moving
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Hopefully, this house moving checklist can provide some useful suggestions for you to make your perfect preparation plan or back-up plans for your next move. Now we’ll have a look at what we’ll need to consider and arrange before moving. These moving tips will be listed in the sections followed.


Transfer your information

Remember to set up mail forwarding to keep your contacts, call your utilities company to switch bills, and change your billing address for postal service. In addition, research about the documents that are going to be needed for new doctors, banks, and schools. Prepare and save the documents securely and always make sure to take at least one extra copy.


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Acquiring packing supplies

Before starting actual packing, you’ll need to prepare everything for that. Tapes, moving boxes, a pair of scissors or a knife are the essentials. A few different colored marking pens can also become handy when you want to mark the categories of the items inside the box. Many would choose to have an ‘open first’ box where all the essentials are put for the first night of the new house. You can either purchase the supplies online or get them directly from your mover or local stores. It’s also possible to get free packing supplies by contacting local furniture retailers or grocery stores for a few moving boxes.


Measure your furniture

We want to address the importance of measurement in the house moving checklist. When you’re about to take your furniture to your new house, it’s important for you to make sure the furniture is going to fit in the new place. If you want to use wallpaper on the walls, it’s also good to take a tape measure with you to the new place.


Decide your ways of moving

Contact a good moving company or will you do the move by yourself? When you decide to move yourself, it could be most convenient for you and your family since you’ll take control of the moving time. While choosing a good moving company can also save much fuss on the day of moving. And most moving companies can give you some useful instructions during the move when you first contact them. Also, renting a truck yourself can be extremely useful when you’re about to carry some delicate stuff and it can give you more assurance.


DIY move
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Calling for help

Either you decide to move by yourself or to find a moving company, a couple of more hands can always be helpful. When the move out day is getting closer, remember to call some of your friends and family members to get some extra help. Reach out and they’ll be glad to help. It’s also a good time to meet them for one last time if you’re moving far away.


ask for help when moving
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Clean out refrigerator

Food needs to be taken care of as static objects do during house moving. When the move out date gets closer, remember to start using or discarding decaying food items in the refrigerator. And at the end of the days defrost the freezer and clean out your refrigerator henceforward.


Hire a cleaning service

Do you plan to get a fresh clean of your new house before moving in? Reserving for a professional cleaning service beforehand can save you much time and give you a smoother experience of moving in. Also, remember to clean the house you’re about to move out. Finding a quick cleaning team can also be helpful in this case.


Packing into piles first

Finally, it comes to the packing part for this house moving checklist. When you first start to do the packing, you might find yourself clueless from where to start. The easiest of all is to start packing room by room into three piles - to sell, to keep, or to donate. We also suggest taking a note of the inventory and pictures first when you’ll be performing a room by room walk-through. At the same time, you can mark the items that you’re most likely to take and the ones that are not so sure about. Then make a list for both different needs.


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To sell and donate

Since we’ve made piles for the items that we chose to put aside, the next step is to think about how to handle them smartly. Sort out your stuff and hold a garage sale, or to sell them online, or to simply donate them to a local charity shop. Finally, recycle the items that were left unsold or can’t be donated.


Comfort your children

Children can be sensitive when it comes to moving to another house. When you’re preparing the packing and starting to handle the move affairs at home, please make sure that your children are being paid enough care and attention. Hug them often to let them ease nerves and feel relatively safe about the new changes in their living place and life. If you have pets in the house, remember to provide enough food and water and to play with them to cheer their mood.


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Delight yourself

Moving is stressful. No matter how well-prepared you are and believing how excited you’ll be, your mood can always find you every now and then. One should be ready for any situation they might encounter during the moving process. It’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed in the process of moving. So get enough sleep and eat well at least. Also, treat yourself after a tiring day of packing.


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Take it slow

Moving and packing furniture can be tiring work. You’ll be most likely to spend extra time for packing a large piece of furniture, especially for those delicate items such as TV, refrigerator, oven, mattress, piano, or even your shed. Take your time to pack furniture pieces by using bubble wraps and always try to get some help from others. Keep them ready at home and get ready to move when the moving company (or your truck if you choose to DIY your move) arrives.


Lighten your travel

As all your preparations for the moving day are almost finished, perform a final walk-through before the move out day. Pay attention to the details especially for the important documents that you need to keep by your side. If you choose a moving company to help on the move out day, it would be helpful if you can designate someone to be home on that day. They can help you to sort out the orders of moving packages and all the nuances that need to be taken care of. It’s finally time - carry your backpack and take a light-hearted ride to the new house that you’ve been expecting so long.


Have an unpacking plan

Now that you’re finally here with all the packed boxes, this house moving checklist is also coming to an end. It’s time to decorate your home again. It’s always good to have an unpacking plan ready - that’s when marking categories on moving boxes becomes useful. Place boxes with different labels into different rooms. And unpack them one by one then locate the items into the slots that you find most suitable. Still remember to treat yourself well, and most importantly, enjoy your new home!  

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