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Storage Ideas to Organize your Home

Have you ever come back home and noticed a mass of shoes obstructing the hallway? cooking utensils lying on the kitchen countertop? lipsticks and earrings scattered all over your desk or bathroom sink? Don’t feel blameworthy if you miss arranging your house in working days, maybe what you need is not a whole cleaning day but several smart storage ideas. Finding the right piece of storage furniture will guide people to keep the good habit to put stuff in order, and will save time when doing the house chores. Furthermore, it will make the home less cluttered and more functional, which is highly important for small apartments or studios. Have a look at this room-by-room guide to help you redefine clever places to stow everything.  

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LANGRIA Hallway organizational tips
image source: LANGRIA

Entrance way

Set a welcoming tone in your home with a beautiful and functional entryway! How about a shoe rack? If you have extra space, hall tree coat racks and umbrella stands will give your guest a bright eyesight of your hallway.  

LANGRIA Living room organizational tips
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Living room

Ottomans with storage space are great pieces of furniture to conceal clutter while adding an extra seat to your living room. Lift the top of the storage ottomans and store your remote controls, magazines, decorative cushions and blankets. Most of them come in different sizes and charming designs, which bring both, a contemporary style, and essential storage space.  

LANGRIA Kitchen organizational tips
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The kitchen is the king of chaos. If you are short on space and drawers and cabinets aren't enough to keep your kitchenware organized, use all the potential of the walls. Take advantage of that unused space with a piece of pegboard to hang spatulas, spoons, ladles and more! Another effective solution for organizing a kitchen is to label and sort all the pots, canisters and boxes where we store food. For those spices containers, how about alphabetizing them?  

LANGRIA Bathroom organizational tips
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Want to really make your bathroom look organized? The best way to create a clutter-free bathroom is to keep items out of sight. Try to use the behind of the vanity cabinet door to hang metal baskets for the hair dryer, brushes, and lotions. Also, take advantage of the space under the sink to store cleaners. To our surprise, shampoo, shower gel, and body oil can be kept handy under-bath. What a clever idea!  

LANGRIA Bedroom organizational tips
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Think about what you can put under the bed, above the bed, what you can hang on the walls, and how many baskets you can use without it looking like an indoor bazaar.” says interior designer and contributing editor at Homepolish Angela Belt. When it comes to small bedrooms, a bed with built-in storage and an ideal furniture to display books, accessories and decorative elements are the essentials to think about.  

LANGRIA Home Office organizational tips
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All-purpose furniture for your home office

If you have no idea yet how to arrange a messy home, why not checking out a set of DIY storage cubes? They are fun, magical and customizable. You can put them in the hallway to store shoes, in the living room to display plants and photos or you can keep them in your bedroom to keep clothes, linens, and toys. Nowadays well-designed DIY cubes are not only an all-purpose storage tool but a stylish decor. We hope you got some useful storage ideas to deal with your home rearrangement. And remember, the right storage furniture is like a strategy that motivates people to manage their clutter to enjoy the peacefulness of a tidy home. Do you have other tips to keep the home well organized? Would you like to see more ways to have a clutter-free home? Let us know in the comment section below!  
Editor: Eloisa Latorre | Feb.24th, 2018
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