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Simple DIY Organizing Ideas For a Clutter-Free Home and Life

Impress friends and family with these 6 simple DIY organizing ideas for at home. Keeping your home organized can be difficult at times. We all know the trouble of keeping small items organized in place without having them lying scattered around throughout the house. Especially if you have children or simply have a lot of items yourself, it is not always easy to make your home looks tidy. Organizing your home takes time, is boring, and, most of the time, also costs money if you want to buy fancy organizing furniture. But, did you know that organizing your home does not have to be boring, time-consuming, and expensive? In fact, there are plenty of simple DIY organizing ideas that help you keep your home organized in a fun and attractive way. Below, LANGRIA has listed down 6 simple DIY organizing ideas to declutter your home in a fun and easy way.  

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1) Charging Cable Holder

The first of our DIY organizing ideas focuses on one of the most annoying things that make our home look messy: unused charging cables. Whether they are from your tablet, PC, or smartphone - charging cables mean trouble. Luckily, it’s not that difficult to find a suitable solution to store your cables. With this DIY organizing idea, you’ll have your cables organized in no time.  All you need for these cute organizers are some used-up toilet paper rolls and some colorful stickers for decoration. Once you have these items, the idea is pretty straightforward. Simply grab yourself an empty toilet paper roll and decorate it in a way that appeals to you. Once ready, fold up your cable and slide your newly made cable holder around it. And that’s it, you’ll have your very own DIY charging cable holders. Now that your cables are packed up nice and tidy, you can easily place them inside your drawer without needing to worry about them getting all tangled up. Although simple, this is one of the most simple DIY organizing ideas you’ll come across.  

2) DIY Jewelry Rack Organizer

This is one of the DIY organizing ideas that will be in particularly handy for the jewelry-loving ladies among us. Small pieces of jewelry such as earrings, rings, and necklaces are easy to get lost. Added to that, they are rather difficult to store in a well-organized manner. For many girls, jewelry is one of the main items that clutter up their room.  Luckily, all these problems will be an issue of the past thanks to this stunning DIY jewelry rack organizer. Although this might be one of the more difficult DIY organizing ideas, the end result certainly makes it worth it. For a full step-by-step guide on how to make this stunning organizer, please check out the website of dreamgreendiy.  

3) Cabinet Rack Organizer

The next project on our list of DIY organizing ideas focuses on another room in our home that often is difficult to organize; the kitchen. Those of us who love cooking all know the trouble of keeping their kitchen organized and tidy. Ranging from cooking equipment to spices and food; our kitchens are filled with goods. To many of us, this means that the regular space provided by our kitchen cupboards simply is not enough. With this simple DIY organizing idea, however, you can easily add some extra storage space into your cupboards. All you need is a magazine rack along with some double-sided tape or little screws. Attach the magazine rack to the inside of your cupboard door and there you go; you have your very own storage rack. You can use this little rack for storing cleaning equipment, dishwasher soap, or food. By taking this one simple step, you add an abundance of extra space to your kitchen storage.  

4) Office Supply Organizers

Whether you work from home or the office, we all know the annoyance of little items lying around and cluttering up our desk. Whether it’s paper clips or rubber bands, it’s easy for our desk to become a mess. But did you know that it does not take much to organize our desk? In fact, all you need are some empty cans and you’ll be ready to go! As one of our easiest DIY organizing ideas, this project only needs a couple of empty tins. You can either purchase some large tin containers online, or you can simply recycle and reuse some empty food cans after you have finished them. Simply clean them up, place them in your desk drawer, and you’re ready to start organizing!  

5) Paper Clamp Cable Holder

Most DIY organizing ideas are very simple and straightforward. The following cable declutter is a perfect example of how easy organizing can be. In fact, all you need for this project are some leftover paper clamps.  Grab yourself some paper clamps, attach them to the side of your desk, and voila: you’re all done. Seriously, it’s as simple as that! Now that the paper clamps are in place, simply side in your small USB cables and you’ll never lose track of your charging cables again. Organizing simply can’t get any easier than that! And the best thing is, these paper clamp cable holders actually look pretty good as well.  

6) DIY Pencil Holder

Let’s end our list of DIY organizing ideas with a classic: a homemade pencil holder. I dare to bet that most of us, as a child, have made our own pencil holders before. By using some used toilet paper rolls, decorative paper, and a solid base, it’s just minutes of work to create your own pencil holder.   Now that we’re all grown up and, perhaps, a bit more adult and serious compared to when we were a child, we can take our pencil holder crafting skills to the next level. The basics remain the same with the toilet paper rolls and decorative paper. By why not use our creativity and skills to make something stunning out of it? You can add ribbons, suede strips, or anything else that comes up in mind. When finished, this pencil holder is great to declutter your desk or makeup table.
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