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Simple DIY Ideas For The Best New Year's Eve Party

End the year in style with these amazing new year's eve DIY craft ideas. These simple yet fun do-it-yourself projects will keep you busy and spice up your new year's eve home decor, allowing you to throw the best new year's eve party for all your friends and family!

Now that Christmas is almost over and all our DIY Christmas ornaments have long been finished, we’re eagerly waiting to end off the year 2018 in style. And what would be better than to start 2019 with a fun new year's eve party celebrated together with friends or family? As a true DIY enthusiast, I truly love new year’s eve not only because of its festive atmosphere but also because of its DIY craft possibilities. New year's eve DIY projects are some of the easiest yet most fun craft to make. Besides, they are furthermore cheap to put together and, when done properly, they will truly spice up the final night of the year. Below, LANGRIA has listed some of our favorite new year's eve DIY projects that we would highly recommend you giving a try. With these fun little home-made crafts and decors at your side, you’ll be able to throw an end-of-the-year party like never before.

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DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles

When we think about new year's eve, we think about champagne! With our first new year's eve DIY project, you'll be able to pimp up those boring champagne bottles and turn them into a glittering piece of art. Making your own glitter champagne bottles is easy and fun, and they are guaranteed to spice up your new year's eve party. What could possibly better than to end your year with a glass of bubbles served from a sparkling champagne bottle you have made by yourself!


DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles
Source: Somethingturquoise


There are many ways to make your own glitter champagne bottles. Although some methods are extremely simple, we at LANGRIA believe that, if you do it, you should do it well! This is why we really love the DIY new year's eve glitter champagne bottles found in this article by somethingturquoise. These bottles are relatively easy to make and, once finished, look absolutely stunning. Check out her article for a full step-by-step guide on how to make them yourself.



DIY Champagne Flutes

Having a sparkling DIY new year's eve champagne bottle is nice, however, without the right flutes, you still won't be able to enjoy your bubbles in style. Luckily, this is where the following new year's eve DIY project comes to the rescue. These home-made golden champagne flutes are easy to put together and look truly amazing. If you're looking for a way to sip your champagne in style, these home-made glasses are perfect for you.


DIY Champagne Flutes
Source: LovelyIndeed


Making these gilded DIY champagne glasses is, in fact, extremely easy. All you need are some regular champagne flutes, a pair of scissors, and some adhesive vinyl in any color of your liking. Personally, I love to go for gold as this color truly represents new year’s eve to me. Once you have gathered your supplies, making your own gilded champagne flutes couldn't be any easier. Simply cut the adhesive vinyl in any shape of your liking, peel off the protective layer, carefully stick them to your flutes, and you're all set!



DIY Confetti Balloons

This amazing DIY new year's eve project lets you start 2019 with a bang. These colorful and glittering DIY confetti balloons are sure to brighten up the mood with their loud bang followed by a rain of confetti flutter. Give every guest their own balloon, and invite them to pop them at midnight, sending the confetti inside flying into the air. Sure, they might create a bit off a mess that needs some time cleaning up the next day, but what would new year’s eve be without glitter and confetti!


DIY Confetti Balloons
Source: Designimprovised


There are different ways to complete this new year's eve DIY project but either way, you'll need to gather the following supplies. A pair of large helium grade latex balloons, confetti, mod podge, small brush, string, and tissue paper. To make your own confetti balloons, you can choose to either apply the confetti at the outside of your balloon by using the mod podge or to have it stored inside your balloon. Either way, confetti will be flying through the air once your balloons are popped. For a full guide on how to make your own pretty new year's eve DIY confetti balloons, please check out this tutorial by designimprovised.



DIY Glittery Place Cards

Nothing feels better than to enter a friend's home for dinner and to see that they have gone the extra mile by making personalized place cards for all their guests. If you're throwing a new year's eve dinner party, then the following glittery place letters are a great way to make your guests feel appreciated. They are extremely easy to make but just keep in mind that they need 24 to 48 hours to dry. Therefore, if you wish to welcome your dinner guests in style with these new year's eve DIY place letters, it's better to start as soon as possible.


DIY New Year Plate Cards
Source: Thesprucecrafts


The process of making your own new year's eve DIY glitter place cards itself does not take more than 5 minutes. All you need is a jewelry resin kit, silicone alphabet molds, glitter, and 2 disposable cups. First, you'll have to mix the epoxy with the hardener, make sure to apply a 50/50 ratio. Once ready, pour some glitters into your alphabet molds. After this, fill up the molds with the epoxy mixture and top it off with some more glitters. Now, leave your mold in a place where it won't be disturbed and let your letters dry for 24 hours. If, by any means, they are still sticky after 24 hours, give them another day to dry. Once they are dry, you can carefully pop them out of their molds and they'll be ready for use!

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