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Simple DIY Fall Leaf Projects for Home Decoration

Spice up your interior this autumn with these simple yet beautiful DIY fall leaf projects. These 4 cute fall DIY projects are easy to make and barely cost a thing. Use them to decorate your home or to pimp up your Thanksgiving dinner table. With these beautiful DIY fall leaf projects, you’re guaranteed to impress friends and family alike.

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When I think about autumn, one of the first things that come to mind are the beautiful fall leaves along with their stunning red, orange, and yellow colors. Fall leaves look beautiful the way they decorate the nature outdoors. But wouldn’t it be perfect if we could take them and use their colors for some stunning autumn DIY projects? With the following DIY fall leaf projects, you’ll be able to do just that! These beautiful DIY fall leaf craft ideas brought to you by LANGRIA let you decorate your home for the upcoming autumn season in style.  


DIY fall leaf stamped napkins

Autumn is the time of Thanksgiving and Halloween. Both these holidays are filled with delicious foods. And what would be better than to enjoy them in a true autumn fashion? With these cute DIY fall leaf stamped napkins, you can decorate your autumn dinner table in style. These autumn napkins are easy to make and they offer a cheap yet perfect way to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner.

What you need to make these DIY fall leaf stamped napkins are some autumn leaves you have found outside, napkins, paint, and a paintbrush or roller pin. Once you have collected the needed items, making these fall leaf stamped napkins couldn’t be easier.  Simply apply some paint to the leaves with your brush, carefully place them onto a napkin, and use the roller to apply pressure. Now, carefully remove the leaf, and you’ll be left with a beautiful fall leaf stamp.  If you’re looking for an easy way to bring a little nature into your home this autumn, these stamped napkins are a perfect DIY fall project for you! For a more detailed guide including pictures, please check out this website.  


DIY leaf flowers

One of the cutest of all the DIY fall leaf projects has got to be these beautiful leaf flowers. This beautiful autumn DIY project certainly is my favorite when it comes to fall crafts. They are relatively easy to make and, once finished, look absolutely adorable. Use them to decorate your home or to give them away to friends and family. These DIY fall leaf roses are guaranteed to impress.

To make these beautiful DIY leaf flowers, you’ll need some dry and freshly fallen autumn leaves. You can, of course, also use fake plastic leaves if you wish to keep your roses for long-term decoration. Besides the leaves, you’ll need some short twigs, scissors, and floral tape. Putting these DIY fall leaf flowers together for the first time may be a little bit tricky as it does need some skill. Please check out this detailed guide to find out exactly how to use craft your very own DIY fall leaf roses.  


DIY leaf placemats

Add some nature and autumn colors to your Thanksgiving dinner table with these beautiful homemade leaf placemats. These placemats are easy to make and, most importantly, barely cost a thing. They will add some extra style and atmosphere to your autumn dinner table while, at the same time, protecting it from getting stained.

To make these DIY autumn leaf placemats, we would advise you to use artificial leaves. A medium-sized pack of around 120 leaves is more than enough to make 4 of these beautiful mats. Besides the leaves, you’ll need Modpodge (glue), a sponge, plastic wrap, a plastic cup, and some heavy objects to flatten the placemats. The process of making these beautiful DIY autumn leaf placemats is relatively easy. Please click here for a full step-by-step guide on how to craft them for yourself.  


DIY autumn candles

DIY candles are a great craft project no matter the time of the year. Personally, I love making my own candles. Especially during the autumn and winter months when the days are getting shorter and colder, candles add a cozy atmosphere to our home. For autumn, you can use the colors and beauty that nature has to offer and implement them into your candles to make your own DIY autumn candles.  

Out of all DIY fall leaf projects, these autumn candles are one of my absolute favorites. They are easy to make and look stunning once they are lit. You can use them to decorate your living room, kitchen, or autumn dinner table. To find out how to make these along with numerous other beautiful fall candles, please check out our previous article on DIY autumn candles.

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