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Original Christmas Lights Decorations for the House you will Love

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Christmas lights are everywhere, Christmas songs start playing in malls and literally in every place you go, and there are so many delicious foods and sweets that come with this jolly season. Besides this, Christmas is the time to meet with family and have yummy dinners. Because of my love for Christmas, I always like to decorate my home with pretty and different Christmas decorations. I have been looking for different and original Christmas lights for a few weeks now, and I want to share with you my top picks Christmas lights for this year.


Have a look at all these affordable Christmas lights decoration ideas for homes and apartments and let me know in the end which one is your favorite!


Christmas Lights for DIY Cloches

Make a unique and lovely table centerpiece Christmas cloche and add some thin and elegant LED twinkle lights. To make your holiday vignettes with wrapped Christmas lights inside is pretty simple and economical. You just need glass domes, mini Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees, little cottages, glitter and of course, the LED fairy lights.


LANGRIA Christmas lights - christmas vignettes cloches

Lovely Christmas Cloches | via A Beautiful Mess



Aren't these super cute? The LED lights are so thin that the wires are almost invisible! You can check the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this Cloches with Christmas lights here.


LANGRIA Christmas lights - Christmas cloches

Cloche with string lights for the most magical Christmas decor idea | via Pinterest


If you don't find any miniature decorations, don't worry at all! You can simply fill the Inside of the cloches with the string lights and it will still look magical!


DIY Christmas Lightbox Marquee

Send a message with lights. Marquee light boxes and signs are a great way to spell out your love for Christmas with bright and cheerful Christmas lights. Not only you will send a message to everyone that steps into the room, but also these lightbox marquees and signs work as original lamps to enlighten the room.


LANGRIA Christmas lights - Marquee

Put words to your love for Christmas thanks to this marquee decor ideas | via A Beautiful Mess


Follow the tutorial by A Beautiful Mess and customize your own message using Christmas lights.


Christmas Wreath made of Christmas Lights

I love traditional Christmas wreaths, I think they are elegant, colorful and can be personalized as much as you want. This year, however, I want to take Christmas lights to the next level by creating a Christmas wreath with string lights.


LANGRIA Christmas lights - Christmas Wreath

Bold and eye-catchy Christmas wreath made with Christmas lights


When I first saw this tutorial, I thought that it wouldn't look as good as in the picture, but making this Christmas lights wreath is very simple and looks amazing and different in my door. A trick to add some visual texture is to collect string light with different bulb sizes.


DIY Christmas Lights Bar Sign

When you are hosting a Christmas party, you have to make sure your guests know where the party is at after dinner. With this bar sign made of Christmas lights, black cardboard sheets and a piece of laminated wood, you can ensure that your family and friends find their way to the spirits, cocktails, and mocktails.


 LANGRIA Christmas lights - Bar sign

Guide your friends to the bar area with this fun sign | via Brit+Co


If you want to learn how to make this Christmas Lights bar sign, have a look at the tutorial by Brit+Co here.


Alternative Christmas Trees to Die for

Christmas trees are a must-have in every house, and my home is no exception. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to get a real Christmas tree, so when I was younger, I always had fake ones at home. They can be very pretty too if you use the right ornaments, but let's be honest, there's no tree that can compare to a real Christmas tree. Or so I thought. For this year I found a great alternative for a Christmas tree. It is not a miniature tree, not a Christmas tree made of Mason Jars. It is a Christmas tree purely made of Christmas lights.


LANGRIA Christmas lights - Christmas tree madrid

Madrid's beautiful Christmas tree at Sol 

It is not uncommon to see Christmas trees in the street made of Christmas lights, like the one from the picture above. While we could do that at home on a smaller scale, it is quite complicated and time-consuming. Instead, I found an easier alternative to the beautiful Christmas lights trees so that you can bring inside your home a piece of Christmas joy.


LANGRIA Christmas lights - Christmas tree

You won't have the floor covered by the tree's needles with this original Christmas tree | via NEDesignBuild


If you want to achieve this Christmas tree made of tomato cages (yes, those from the garden. You can easily find them at Walmart, Target or in any home improvement store near you) and Christmas lights, have a look at the easy tutorial here.


Did you like our Christmas lights suggestions for this season? Let us know what is your favorite in the comment section below.


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