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Inexpensive DIY Indoor Halloween Decorations You’ll Love

Spice up your holiday decor with these spooky DIY indoor Halloween decorations. These inexpensive decor ideas will turn your home into a true haunted house that will send shivers down your spine. Impress friends and family, and give them a spooky Halloween holiday they’ll never forget!

For DIY enthusiasts like me, Halloween is the perfect time of the year to make some crafts. Making your own DIY indoor- and DIY outdoor Halloween decorations will keep you busy for hours to come. Not only are these little projects fun to make, but they are also simple and, most importantly, inexpensive. The following DIY indoor Halloween decorations allow you to spice up your spooky holiday decor for cheap. Invite over your friends or organize a DIY craft party with your kids and their friends. These spooky DIY indoor Halloween decorations will treat you to a fun-filled DIY crafting afternoon.    

Glass Pumpkin Blocks

Take your Halloween to the 21st century with these modern yet spooky glass pumpkins. When talking about DIY indoor Halloween decorations, pumpkins naturally are always one of the main ingredients. With this spooky DIY craft idea, you can use the traditional pumpkin idea and add a modern touch. These clever glass pumpkin blocks are easy to make and, once finished, look absolutely thrilling.  

All you need to craft your own glass pumpkin blocks is some black vinyl, orange tulle, black bottle cleaner, a glass block, and some LED lights. The first thing you’ll want to do is take the black vinyl and cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth of your pumpkin. Once completed, take your glass box and glue them on. After this, place the LED lights inside the glass block and carefully wrap around the orange tulle. Now, take the black bottle cleaner and use it as a ribbon to secure the top of your glass pumpkin block. Once ready, all you have to do is plug in your LED lights, and you’ll have your very own glass pumpkin block light!  


DIY Halloween Poison Bottles

Witches are, most likely, one of the first things you think about when somebody mentions Halloween. The thought of having a scary old witch in your home may bring shivers down your spine, however, we have to admit that witchcraft does bring along a great inspiration for DIY indoor Halloween decorations. One of these witch-inspired decor ideas are these simple yet beautiful DIY poison bottles.  

The next time you’ve emptied a glass bottle, don’t throw it away! Instead, turn it into some sleek DIY indoor Halloween decor. To make your bottles look like some old scary witch’s poison jars, all you need is some spray primer and black spray paint. Simply clean your bottle and let it dry. Apply one layer of spray primer followed by 2 or 3 coats of black spray paint. As a finishing touch, add some handwritten labels and you’re all done. This is one of those DIY indoor Halloween decorations that works best in a group. So, try to make a couple of poison bottles and display your potent potables together. To add an extra spooky touch, it is advised to use glass bottles in different shapes and sizes. 


DIY Haunted Terrarium

One of my absolute favorite DIY indoor Halloween decorations is this indoor terrarium that comes with a spooky touch. This unique holiday decor piece will literally add some ‘’spirit’’ to your kitchen counter. And the best part of it is that once Halloween is over, you can simply remove the little ghost and keep the terrarium as some stylish home decor. After all, it’s never a bad idea to add some more greens into your home!

This unique craft idea is perhaps one of the cutest yet easiest DIY indoor Halloween decorations you’ll come across. All you need is a large glass jar, basic craft supplies, and a tiny bit of imagination. If you already have a terrarium at home, you can simply add a little ghost yourself. For the real craft lovers among us, it naturally is also possible to make the terrarium yourself. If you are curious about how to make this spooky indoor garden, please check out this step-by-step tutorial.  


DIY Haunted Mirror

If you’re a real craft master who wishes to take her DIY indoor Halloween decorations to the next level, this haunted mirror is a perfect craft idea for you! Naturally, this project is a little bit more difficult than most, however, the end result makes it totally worth it. With this haunted mirror in your living room, you’re sure to impress your friends and family alike.

To make these scary haunted mirrors, you’ll need an antique mirror and a bunch of other households/kitchen supplies. Please note that some of the ingredients needed are chemical and not safe to be used around children. As of such, we highly recommend you to make this project alone or with your adult friends. For a full tutorial on how to make these haunted mirrors, please check out the following website.  


Mini Bat Pumpkins

Although the glass pumpkin boxes that were mentioned above are a great piece of Halloween decor; nothing goes above the traditional pumpkin. We all have made our own lanterns before by carving out some pumpkins. But you can use these beauties for so much more than simply carving lanterns. Why not, for example, turn them into some cute mini bats?

Simply get yourself some small white or orange pumpkins and cover them with a few layers of black chalkboard paint. While you let your pumpkins dry, grab some thin black craft foam and cut out some spooky bat wings. Once the paint has dried, carve out two thin cuts at each side and insert the bat wings. You can use some glue to make sure they stay in place. Now, grab yourself some white chalk and draw on the eyes and mouth. And there you have it; your very own DIY mini pumpkin bats. This is one of the easiest DIY indoor Halloween decorations that are guaranteed to set the right holiday mood.

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