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How To Setup Your Memory Foam Mattress?

Eloisa Latorre | 4 minutes (520 words) If you have ordered or are about to receive your first Memory Foam Mattress or Topper, you may be apprehensive about how to properly open and set it up. Most brands and their manufacturers, including LANGRIA itself, prefer to compress and roll up the mattresses before shipping, which saves valuable room and the customers’ money. As a result, the mattress arrives rolled up; you may need two people to carry or drag it to your desired location once it arrives, such as your bedroom for example. We recommend to unpack the mattress in the room you desire to use it, as once expanded it may be difficult to fit it through doorways, and – depending on the size you ordered – even more difficult to lift it without extra help. Once there, follow these steps for a hassle-free setup:

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  1. Carefully cut the box with a pair of scissors, and pull the mattress out. If you have a helper, we recommend you stand the box up while cutting, making the mattress easier to put on the bed once unpacked. If you don’t have a helper, we recommend you lay the mattress down on the floor before unpacking it.
  2. Carefully place the mattress on top of your bed while it is still rolled up. LANGRIA's mattresses come packaged in an outer bag to prevent the mattress from unrolling, although other brands may be different. Use the scissors to cautiously cut the outer plastic cover.
  3. Dispose of the plastic cover and roll-out the mattress onto your bed, making sure to position it in the center.
  4. Use your scissors again to carefully cut the inner cover, which is vacuum sealed to prevent the mattress from expanding during shipping. Once again, make sure the mattress is positioned in the center, as once the inner cover is off, the mattress will start to expand. If you notice a smell, don’t worry, it is common with memory foam mattresses and is a result of the manufacturing and packaging process; the smell itself is not harmful.
  5. Give your mattress anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to fully expand, depending on how long it has been stored while rolled up and how long it took to ship. Expansion time may depend on the particular memory foam that a manufacturer uses.
If you are unpacking the mattress in a smaller room, we recommend to air it out in case any memory foam smells persist. Finally, some mattresses – such as LANGRIA's 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Removable cover  – feature a removable outer cover; we recommend that customers wash this outer cover before it is used. Langria’s outer covers should be machine washed cold and tumble dried on low to avoid any shrinkage, which may prevent the cover from fitting back on the mattress. Check your mattress brand’s directions to make sure that you correctly take care of the outer cover. Please keep in mind that other brand and manufacturers may also have their own set of instructions which are special for setting up their particular Memory Foam Mattresses. Enjoy your new Memory Foam Mattress and the better night’s sleep that comes with it.
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