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How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Country Kitchen

Nothing is quite as nice as a country kitchen that provides a real home appeal. The feeling of simpler to make a meal in your cooking area, a welcoming atmosphere that invites family and friends to linger at the center of the dining room. Warm and inviting, appears an aesthetic that includes rustic and rural farmhouse-like design, a country-style kitchen gives the space a comfy feel beyond just hygiene and cleanliness. In this article, LANGRIA will lead you to be on the way to composing a deeply personal, and visually striking kitchen that adds the charming look and atmosphere. Follow our guidelines, find more inspiration and stunning country kitchen design tips and ideas below!


Work With Wood

When it’s time to achieve the aesthetic of a country kitchen, wooden elements are a necessity. Take a cue from grandma’s room, mimick the look of a half wood-covered kitchen. It is a blend of simple clean cabinets, dark-color wall and bright warm light displays. Added, set a barn-colored oak table and ladder-back chairs made in mid-century look right at home alongside the exposed salvaged wood beams, the rustic pine wall and tall six-over-six pane windows. Sophisticated maple cabinets, natural open shelving in the corner, time-worn bamboo wine racks, all preserve the character and history of your home by crafting wooden materials and elements around your country kitchen.

 country kitchen design
Reclaimed wood kitchen design/Simon Upton


Get an Island

 An antique island adds warmth to your country kitchen. It boasts a beautiful farm sink used for food preparation and built-in racks for stealthy storage. An opulent chandelier and weathered wooden countertop contrast and complement each other in color, texture and space. Subway tile that adds a crisp yet chic touch forms the backsplash. For visual interest, the drying rack over the sink has a single dark color and features hale lines to form a color contrast. All the charms of the country style with the functionality of the modern. Your island is a nostalgic blend, contributes to a delicate, vintage-inspired country kitchen


kitchen island
 Romantic Spanish country style island/


Accent Nature's Hue

Add a natural hue to your country kitchen. The vintage door frame and the pitched ceiling set the tone for a farmhouse-like design, as do the uneven wall paint on both sides. The upper cabinets sit on the counter, make a statement of the memory of tranquil countryside and those old days. The rustic color scheme comes with contrasting hues that follow the homeholder’s liking. At the same time, create an accent background by paring crisp neutral-colored cabinetry and coordinating textured tiles. Lantern style lightings over the head, bring the look of an old-fashion country kitchen.


kitchen design
A grey grout white tile is a striking design choice./winchestertiles


Pick the Right Worktops

Choosing the right texture and color of your worktops is important since they are such a vital element of your country kitchen’s design. Solid stone or wood kitchen worktops are ideal surfaces to complement a country style kitchen. Try opting for solid earthstone or oak wood worktops, choose the harder wearing materials on areas that are going to be used more frequently. Use mixing materials that add little quirks to provide them a more rustic feel. The materials of warm wood tones will make your counter sleeker whilst also bring that bit of drama that country kitchen design brings to a place.


country kitchen worktop
Flowers in the sunset are much more elegant than ever./realhomes


Hang a Pot Rack 

A rustic-inspired pot rack adds abundant country kitchen elements and can be a great space saving solution to free up your cooking area. You can DIY pot racks with ropes or hooks to create an eye-catching kitchen sky, or use a wall-mounted rack to keep your pots and kitchen utensils handy. Quit the clumsy closet, you know that the pots and pans stored in a cupboard have never really worked. Rescue them from the bottom of the stack to the ventilated space, stop digging through the cupboard every time you make a meal. A pot rack has a minimal footprint but a maximum impact. The free-hanging style or the wall-mounted style, which reduces clutter in the limited area, can accent the overall design of your country kitchen.


Metal pot racks in a black french country kitchen/homeditfrench country kitchen
 Metal pot racks in a black french country kitchen/homedit


Welcome Farmhouse Jars & Vases

Filled or unfilled, jars and vases come from different regions and eras and make easy accent pieces to create a country kitchen. A row of handmade potteries in beautiful glazes, or painted vases in varying shades to contrast with your tiles or trim color. A mason jar that holds your rice to add a sustainable and natural touch. Vintage pieces come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures, stand together to highlight the architectural style of your country kitchen. Aesthetic value aside, these beauties are also easy to move, rearrange and refill to fit your storage and organization needs.


country kitchen tips
Rustic decor country kitchens design/Thibault Jason


Embrace Herbs and Flowers 

An indispensable scene in your country kitchen is the real flowers and plants in the countryside. Image a kitchen packed with the flower arrangements such as colorful florals, green leaves, or culinary herbs. Fresh food ingredients and gardening plants, full of the rich flavor of life and the happy family flavor. Fill a clean wild-mouth glass vase or apothecary bottle with sands, seashells or mineral and stones. Or place flowers, leaves, ferns or twigs into your containers. Dried bouquet in a jar, whimsical and distinctive floral centerpieces, sweet display in a rustic country jug, light lush blossoms on a galvanized tray, Mediterranean farmhouse bouquet of olive stems. A wooden table takes center stage, and the beautiful floral displays are a romantic ornament. Adding herbs and flowers is a great idea to create a real-to-life country kitchen and enhance the joy of cooking.


flower country kitchen
The gorgeous flower arrangement on the worktops/Thibault Jason


Add Antique Details

Alongside the major furniture, a country kitchen can still feel fun with a few playful pieces like some mobile systems and antique ornaments. Black breakfast bar stools surround a vintner’s tasting table in the dining area; the vintage grape-collecting basket mimics a French country look. A retro empire-style dining chair perfectly complements your antique island. The hint of white in the wall gives a lived-in feel, is used to enhance a space, as well. Simply add nature-inspired and antique elements to your country kitchen through containers, boxes, accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with the decoration of different color and size. A few pieces won’t lead to clutter, instead, they can create a homely country kitchen feel that is sure to capture attention.


kitchen supplies
The wild berries and bread on the breakfast bar./winchestertiles






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