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Feng Shui Your Life

Eloisa Latorre

Posted on February 15 2017

A Guide to Get Started on the Art of Feng Shui

You might have possibly heard the term Feng Shui when decorating your home. It is more than just a simple trendy style, it is an art and has been around for a very long time. With this guide, we want to help you to get familiar with it.  From LANGRIA we will give you as well some useful tips to transform your home. Keep reading and discover all the secrets behind these words! Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese term that literally translates to "Wind Water" and relates to the art and practice of positioning & orienting buildings. The goal is to balance the flow of Qi –invisible forces/energy, which connects the humanity, earth, and universe, through the creation of harmonious and powerful environments to welcome happiness, wealth, success, and love to our lives. The secret for good Feng Shui lies on finding the perfect placement of the energy: where you place yourself in life will regulate and determine the success in your personal and work life. It is easier to understand if you think of how being around a happy person makes your own energy happy. The same applies to your home when it is surrounded by good Feng Shui. ​ Finally, and before getting started, you should be aware of the existence (among many, many things) of the 5 Feng Shui elements.

Without these vital elements, there won’t be any possible Feng Shui represented in our lives: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

These 5 elements have their own energy and it is expressed in specific colors, sounds and more. Now that we are clear on the very basics of Feng Shui, we want to share with you some of our MUST-DO tips to balance the energy of your bedroom, since it is one of the most important pieces at home. We will give you as well a few extra tips for the rest of your house:

De-Clutter Your Space!

We know this could be hard and time-consuming, but how are you going to welcome all the new vibes if you do not get rid of the bad ones? The first step to build a Feng Shui environment is to throw away all the clutter, which symbolizes unfinished business and impedes you from moving forward with your life. Our advice: if it’s been standing there for more than a year and you have not used it, it is time to remove it from your life. Once you are done, you are ready to continue.

Keep it Organized

Now that you have successfully thrown away your old or out-of-style clothes, sort your clothes by color and season. Our tip: to keep a tidy house, you can install organizers or racks to keep your accessories in one place rather than all over the place. Arrange your entryway space with our LANGRIA White Entryway Storage Valet Stand.

Find the Good Positioning for your Bed

There are many rules to follow regarding the bedroom, since it is the place you seek for intimacy, to relax and rest. Here are the most important ones to keep the energy of this space in total harmony: Create a No-Work bedroom zone: avoid working, exercising, listening to music or watching TV. These activities will bring too much energy into the room. Your bedroom is a place to relax so let it be. Do not store under your bed: you were supposed to de-clutter your room. You do not need this space to stock anymore, let the Qi flow under your bed easily! Placement of the bed: place your bed as far as possible from the door, but in a spot where you could still see it. This will give you a sense of protection and safety. Avoid positioning it under the window: it lacks the principle of the protection and support of a solid wall.Avoid pointing with your feet to the door. In traditional Chinese culture, it is the coffin position and that is a very bad Feng Shui. If you cannot avoid it, place a footboard at the feet of the bed (being this the only exception to the not-foot-board rule) So to clarify the last points, below you will find 3 best Feng Shui bedroom distributions of space: [caption id="attachment_556" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]LANGRIA Good Feng Shui Bedroom by Know Feng Shui[/caption]

Colors: Ready, Set, Go!

As we discovered before, colors are the expression of the 5 Elements. Adding a specific color to a room will create good energy, making a more vibrant and healthy space. There are different ways to choose the colors for the rooms: you could follow the Traditional Bagua, the Western Bagua, or discover your Feng Shui Birth element. To keep it simple, we will focus on choosing the right color following the orientation of your house: East Rooms: shades of green and brown. These colors are connected to Earth & Wood elements, which will bring growth and vitality South Rooms: red, orange, pink, purple and bright yellow. They represent the Fire & Wood elements bringing success, love, and passion. West Rooms: grey and white. They are related to the Metal element, associated with clarity, precision, and efficiency. North Rooms: blue and black. Associated with Water, they represent tranquillity, purity, and freshness. [caption id="attachment_558" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Traditional Bagua and Western Bagua Left: Traditional Bagua / Right: Western Bagua[/caption] Remember that each direction needs a specific element in order to thrive energetically. Also, keep in mind that if you do not like a specific color, but you choose it because it is associated with fortune (like red is), it will only create a feeling of unhappiness every time you enter that room - and that is bad Feng Shui.

Further Tips to Apply to your Home…

Don’t block doors: doors need to be able to open 100%. After all, they are the opening for all coming opportunities to your life. Decorate in pairs: whether you are single or in a couple, it is always good Feng Shui to bring the decorative elements in pairs. 2 bedside tables, 2 club chairs… It will bring love and harmony to your life. Good quality air: open your windows and let the fresh breeze of air enter your house. Place your sofa against the wall: this follows the principle of having a wall behind you for protection. Add a vase of fresh flowers, or some fruit, to your kitchen: it is a symbol of wellness & fortune and will bring success. Keep as well the room with good lighting, tidy and do not overload it with gadgets. Furniture: when getting new furniture, look for solid one with round corners rather than pointed edges. The sharp ones are known as “poison arrows”. Now that you have all the basics and ideas on how to initiate yourself on the Feng Shui, get on your feet and help the Qi to flow all over your place.  

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