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Enhance the Romance in your Bedroom

Eloisa Latorre | 6 minutes (786 words) 14 of February, the love day is around the corner. Have you thought about any plan or present for this Valentine's Day? Don't wait any longer and prepare a whole day of surprises for your special one. You don't need the fanciest restaurants or the biggest shiny rocks, just make it unique by taking your favorite person to a romantic spot in your city, or a place with a deep meaning for the two of you. Moreover, we want to remind you as well that you shouldn't neglect the appearance of your bedroom for this special day (or any other day). We care about romance from the most intimate room at home, the bedroom. We have created this 2017 Valentine's guide to transform your room and make it more romantic. Check our suggestions below and don't miss out our Valentine's coupons with lovely discounts to upgrade your bedroom look. valentine's day romantic bedroom
  • Always make the bed. We know, it is early in the morning and you don’t want to “waste” time making the bed when you have more important things to do –getting to work on time. However, you should rethink the bed thing, it is a matter of making the bed important, moreover, it totally changes the whole aspect of your room. It will take you a couple of minutes and you will avoid the messy look = totally unromantic.
  • Pillows, pillows & more pillows. There’s no better way to dress your bed that adding pillows. Fluffy, well-arranged decorative pillows will enhance the look of your room and upgrade the appearance, your bed will look like such of a luxury hotel bedroom.
  • D-e-c-l-u-t-t-e-r. We will never get tired of saying this. The key to a good bedroom environment, not just romantic, but good, is to keep it clean and organized. The bedroom is the most intimate room in a home, is the place to disconnect from the world and relax.
candles for valentine's days
  • Don’t work in the bedroom. It is related the previous rule. If your bedroom should be a place to relax and intimate with your partner, why bringing all the paperwork? Keep it away from your bedroom. And if you can’t, don’t have it at sight. There’s nothing romantic about a water bill hanging around.
  • Use Candles. Play with the "Scensualism" of candles in your bedroom. Choose scented candles and put as many as you want. The soft lighting and subtle fragrances from candles make the occasion far more enjoyable for a dreamy romantic soirée.
  • Play romantic music. "Love is in the air". This one is a cliché and a very important part of decorating. Music has something special to completely transform the ambiance in a room and change as well people's mood. Choose a good playlist that both of you really like, and simply relax in the romantic environment.
  • Use decoration with meaning. A key for a romantic room -and a happy one as well, is to put decoration that brings back good memories. Choose pictures of the two of you enjoying happy times. And if you have something that could sadden your mood or your partner's mood, toss it away immediately! You will see how easy it is to relax when everything surrounding you is full of love and good memories.
chocolate and roses
  • Roses. Another good trick for this special day is to put roses around the bedroom. A lovely bucket, as well as rose petals on your bed, are great ideas. If you like, add a bottle of champagne and some chocolates to go with the full romance pack!
romantic anti mosquito bed curtains
  • Curtain beds. You can buy affordable and cute curtain beds to create the canopy bed look. Or if you are handy enough, use your imagination and DIY! You could have beautiful results such those on the images above. Play with string lights to add extra romance.
  • Red is passion. For this special occasion, you could try to add extra touches of this fiery color to add a bit of lust. Red, is the color of passion, not matter the shade you choose. You could go for red lining, pillow covers, silky throws... just a little detail will spice things up for romance!
  • Wear the attitude! This is the last recommendation and probably the most important of them all. Following our ideas will get you to create the perfect loving bedroom, but that's not all, the most important thing is to enjoy every second of it. You have to show to your partner how important he/she is for you. Decorations and presents will help you, but what counts the most is the love for each other.

  What did you think of our suggestions? What else would you suggest? Share your ideas for the most romantic day and let's spread the love everywhere!

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