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Creative Accent Wall Ideas in Your Bedroom

Accent wall has been widely used in interior designing. Due to its immense flexibility and overall effectiveness, accent wall has remained its popularity in the decorating industry over the years. Unlimited options are provided on the market for choosing various paints, surfaces, and materials for miscellaneous styles of the accent wall. You can either design your accent wall to be prominently bold in a room, or you can blend it into a more subtle and harmonized style to fit in with other walls. An accent wall can be effective in any room of your house: most commonly used are the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. For the bedroom, most accent wall designs are employed behind the headboard of the bed. In combination with an accent wall, a bed is capable of creating an illusion of separate space in the room. Apart from that, the deviated colors, patterns, or shapes on an accent wall can also make itself an interesting eye-catcher.

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An accent wall is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make changes in your home. You’ll see the result as soon as you conduct furbishing on your personal favorite wall. In order to produce the best effects, the balance between the accent wall and the rest of the room needs to be considered. Once done right, you’d be astonished how little work is required to create great effects in the limited space at your home. If you’re planning to design an accent wall in your home now, read on and follow this article where LANGRIA will provide useful design guidance and some amazing accent wall ideas for bedroom.


Paint - go bold and imaginative

Painting an accent wall is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to create a stunning look in your bedroom. Pick a color that would go well with other colors in your room. We suggest choosing a color that’s either conforming to your existing room color tone or largely contrasting with it. For this time, you can absolutely go for bold colors like turquoise to make your accent wall distinguished in the space.


paint accent wall bedroom
Source: The Spruce


Paint can also be creative if you allow your artistic senses to go wild on making an ombré effect on the wall. Combine a beautiful hue of the wall with your bedding altogether.


DIY wood - paneling or millwork

Wood brings a warm and natural sense to the bedroom. Use wood paneling or temporary wood planking on the wall behind your bed and save the headboard. Elevate your bedroom style by adding a raw forest touch to your accent wall.


Wallpaper - or renters wallpaper

Wallpapers for accent wall have never been decreasing in its numbers since they first launched in the interior designing market. They are good substitutes for art pieces with both bold and subtle styles as you choose them to be.


bedroom wallpaper accent wall
Source: a_idrill via Pinterest


Another trick about this accent wall idea is to use temporary wallpaper (also known as renters wallpaper) instead. They are more budget-friendly and more flexible compared to traditional wallpapers. It can be removed at any time and requires no paste or water. Use the renters wallpaper to update your bedroom look as often as you like.


Niche - added spare space

Accent wall isn’t just about one single flat wall. Set up a niche or a platform, go creative on your headboard wall, then make another stereoscopic look in the limited space.

The extra spare space on the accent wall can also be used for storage.  


Molding - versatile styles

Molding your accent wall is fun and creative. You can choose any style as you like, classic, modern, or even original with your own home decor ideas.


molding accent bedroom wall
Source: Decorpad


Molding can be a compelling eye-catcher in the room, even when it’s created on the same color as the wall.


Upholstery - lift the taste

Upholstery can change your bedroom game once and for all. An upholstered wall is a whole wall covered in soft velvet with original geometrical designs. With the strong visual contrast it provides, it’ll automatically stand out and can be used as a perfect substitute for your headboard.  


upholstery bedroom accent wall
Source: Contemporist


Hanging art - effective and simple

Keep it simple with an oversized painting or a photograph that you like on your accent wall. It is one of the simplest ways to decorate your accent wall and to keep it neat with other decorative elements in the room.


Stencil - keep it subtle with neutral shade

Stencil is extensively used as an effective accent wall decorative element in any room. You don’t need to repaint or transform the wall with other new materials; just use a simple stencil pattern and you can see the effect it brings about immediately. The best way to use a stencil is to keep it subtle with a neutral color. Try to conform to the color of the stencil with the wall color. In this way, the patterns of the stencil will become the focal point on the wall and it’s likely to create a timeless decor design in your bedroom.


stencil bedroom accent wall
Source: Home Design Ideas


Whether your accent wall is big or small, always remember to keep the color down and to look for stylish geometric or modern patterns when you decide to apply stencil onto the wall.

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