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Better Sleep-A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress Topper

If you’ve been waking up with body aches, certain kinds of itches, or the tossings and turnings causing poor sleep, then the right mattress topper is a pretty guaranteed solution to develop the comfort of your bed. Place a mattress topper on your mattress to achieve a better night’s rest. Among the various fillings and materials to match your sleeping preference, you can choose the perfect match for your needs, so you can keep your bed comfortable and sleep well every day.

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Why Do We Need a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a bedding type that sits on top of your mattress to add extra cushioning. Its goal is to complement the comfort of your mattress or address your mattress’ limitations. Additionally, mattress toppers would protect your mattress from damages and stains to extends the life of the mattress. They provide a great deal of extra comfort. If your new mattress is just a bit too firm, a soft mattress topper will act as a cushion and you will get an ultimate soft and soothing bedding to sleep on.


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Get the Material Right

A high-quality mattress topper greatly depends on the material used to manufacture it. There are different types of toppers out there in the market to select from, and some good ones include memory foam, latex, feather, wool, cotton, etc as the primary material. If you want to improve the durability and pursue comfort, remember to select one that can match your liking and sleeping habits alongside the tips that are given below.

Natural latex has good shock absorption, also molds to fit your body with a variety of thickness and support options. This type will help to control the temperature from your mattress and balance your body heat. Wool is an all-natural choice. Thanks to its softness and breathability, it wicks away sweat and keeps sleepers cool during hot days, and insulates heat gently when the temperature drops. If you look for a mattress topper which can comfort your body and improve the softness, the down-fill, elastic and cotton mattress toppers will be the best options.


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Memory foam has the ability to contour the sleeper’s body. Furthermore, it can reduce the tossings and turnings, minimizing the individual movements during the night. If your partner moves a lot during sleep, then the memory foam mattress topper will be the right choice.

Furthermore, you can look for mattress toppers with specific pressure relief features when you want to select a topper to prevent or relieve shoulder pain.


What Thickness Do You Prefer

Mattress topper thickness can be very important especially for people who have body aches or insomnia symptoms. As the name suggests, a mattress topper is a cushion on top of your mattress, it aims to add firmness or supplement the inadequacy of one mattress. But we don't have to select the thickest one since we already own a thick mattress.


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Generally, latex foam toppers only range between 2 inches and 4 inches. The other topper types, such as wool, cotton, and feather tend to be thinner, usually at 2 inches and 3 inches. While memory foam topper requires more density and thickness, varying from 2 to 6 inches. If you want to keep comfort and support with an old mattress, or if you weigh more than average, you may need to look at thicker options. Mattress toppers usually tend to optimize the comfort of your bed, find the right thickness level you need to enhance the sleeping quality.


Get a Type of Pain Relief

If you have some type of body pain, or just want to revitalize or change the style of your bed, a mattress topper would be marvelous. And the right one can protect you from lumbar spines problems, backaches, and body itches.


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Many people ask why they wake up with an increasing ache in their hip area. The most commonly found issue is that when your body is under constant pressure from a too-hard surface, it often creates hip soreness and aches. In such cases, you need to consider softer beddings. On the contrary, an ultra-soft mattress topper is a risky choice for people with severe back pain. Many people who have had spine problems or other nerve injuries to the back need hard mattresses to keep their spines stable during the night. Memory foam mattress toppers would contour to your body shape and relieve pressure points that commonly result in back pains. It provides enough firmness and comfort simultaneously, allowing even people with back issues to enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, determining the right mattress and the bed's feel is one of the most important factors for a comfy and cozy sleep.


Remember More Details

Whether you’re looking at one mattress topper with a luxurious appearance or some specific functions, you’ll find a confusing range of options. It’s useful to understand the elements that affect the level of comfort and practicality.



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Although there is no evidence to support that, the better the cost, the better the item, it is not difficult to estimate the cost of a mattress topper according to its material and fabrication technology. Natural latex is made from the liquid in rubber trees, and it is not easy to get the raw materials for this. If you purchase a mattress topper at a relatively cheap price, you have to be careful. Not all latexes are natural and the fake ones are harmful to humans health; so it's better to check carefully and avoid synthetic materials. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for", we recommend checking it carefully and spending extra money if you want more durability and high performance.

People with allergies need to take special considerations and care before purchasing a mattress topper, for instance, you should avoid the down-fill if you're allergic to feathers. However, wool mattress toppers can be a good option for allergy sufferers because they repel moisture, discouraging the growth of allergens like mold.


Choose the best Mattress topper

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As time goes, you will find that your mattress would collect plenty of pollutants that also can irritate your allergies. These hidden troubles greatly contribute to daily allergies and asthma attacks. Consider a topper which is removable for cleaning and replacing. Keep your mattress topper fresh and breathable.


If you have followed all the tips above, then rest assured you will make a good purchase that will enhance your sleep quality level and thus improve your physical and psychological health.

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