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Best Exercises to Improve your Posture at Work

Body pain disorders aren’t just a consequence of physical labor jobs, all industries have their own specific disadvantages that affect our health. What's more, not only working will cause us pain, studying, driving and in general, sitting for long hours will. The problem with sitting is that we remain still in the same position for long periods of time, which, if we are not careful with our posture, will put us in a vicious circle: get tired >> poor seat postures >> first pain appears >> we worsen our posture >> more pain: the most common ones are neck, shoulders, carpal tunnel and low back pain.

 Correct posture sitting desk

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In 2015, musculoskeletal disorders, such as sprains or strains accounted for 31 percent of the total cases for all workers injuries. If you, like myself, spend lots of hours with your "derrière" glued to a seat and want to take care of your posture, check out this cool Infographic on how to adjust your desk and object around you to seat properly, and follow our pieces of advice and ideas to correct your position while you sit.
correct posture sit desk infographicsCredits: / Infographics by Mike Rossi
  1. Do shoulders up and downs: raise your shoulders up and drop them simultaneously. Repeat this movement for about ten times. It will help you relieve the tension.
  2. Do shoulders rolls: raise both your shoulders at the same time and bring them backwards in a circular motion. Repeat 5 times. Do the same circular motion forwards to stretch in the other direction. This movement helps remove stress and stretches the neck and traps.
  3. Hug yourself very tightly: by giving yourself some love and a big big hug, you'll be stretching your shoulder blade muscles
  1. Loosen your hands:  extend your arms in front of you and make circles in the air with your wrists, first to the left and then, repeat the same movement but to the right side. Perform this exercise for around 20 seconds and finish the exercise by shaken your hands.
  2. Stretching the wrists: extend your right arm with your palm facing towards the ceiling and use your left hand to press your fingers down towards the floor. Hold for 20 seconds and then gently pull your fingers back toward your body. Hold again for around 20 seconds. Repeat both stretches with the other arm. Perform this exercise 2-3 times with each arm.
  1. Lower spine stretch: remain seated in your chair and place your right arm on the armrest while you raise your left arm. Bend your spine to the right side. Hold for 20 seconds and change arms. Repeat the exercise 3 times. This side stretch helps to relax the long spinal muscles in a sideways direction.
  2. Activate your abs: by working on your abs, you will indirectly correct your sitting posture. In order to do so, pull your belly button in towards your spine and hold in that position for 10 seconds and slowly release. Repeat this exercise
  3. Do the pelvic rock: sit with both feet flat on the floor and rock forward and backwards your sitting bones. This movement will slightly arch your lower back while your pelvis moves forwards and then the other way around, which will help lubricate your joints and mobilize the lower part of your spine. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
  1. Chin-to-chest stretch: clasp your hands and bring both palms to the back of your head while you keep your spine well aligned. Gently pull your head to approximate your chin to your chest. Hold in that position for about 20 seconds and slowly go back to normal posture.
  2. Neck turns: again, keep your spine aligned and take deep breaths in and out while you turn your head to look to the left, then back to the center and to the right. Perform the movements slowly and repeat this combo left-middle-right 3-4 times.IES TO IMPROVE YOUR SEAT POSITION & REDUCE PAI
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What do you think about our recommendations to improve your sitting posture and reduce pain? Do you have any other recommendation to share? Let us know if you try them and how do they work for you!
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