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Amazing DIY Autumn Craft Projects

Fall is the perfect time of the year to decorate your home or garden with some beautiful DIY Autumn craft projects. During this time, when the days are getting shorter and temperatures start to drop, nature around us turns into a beautiful sea of orange, red, and yellow. These colors bring along an abundance of inspiration for us to work with while engaging in our DIY Autumn craft projects. Personally, I love fall. Not only for the opportunities this season brings along for DIY crafts and decorations, but also because of the cozy feeling, it gives when sitting inside around the fireplace while watching the leaves fall off the trees and blowing around in the wind. As a DIY enthusiast, I see Autumn craft projects as the perfect opportunity to add some warmth to our home and interior.


Below, LANGRIA has listed down our own absolute favorite DIY autumn craft projects that will go perfectly along with this year’s fall home decor trends. These fun craft ideas are inspired by the spirit of Autumn which makes them perfect for decorating your home during this season. These DIY Autumn craft projects are easy to make and, best of all, barely cost a thing. These beautiful craft ideas will keep you busy for several hours and are perfect for having a fun-filled afternoon alone, with your children, or with your friends. Check out these amazing DIY autumn craft projects and impress both friends and family with your finely decorated Autumn home.  


Autumn-Style Welcome Sign

During the cold and dark Autumn months, some warm hospitality is more than welcome. The first item on the list of our favorite DIY Autumn project gives exactly that. By making an Autumn-style welcome sign for at your door, you let your friends, family, and neighbors know that your door is always open. This beautiful welcome sign is simple and cheap to make. Once finished, it will be an absolutely stunning piece of decor that can be hung from your door or Autumn patio.  

As with all Autumn craft projects, there are different ways and styles in which you can make your own welcome sign. Our favorite way is to use an old metal tray that is simply finished off with a layer of chalkboard paint. Around the tray, you can add some autumn leaves, berries, and acorns to create a seasonal finish. The best side of this DIY Autumn craft idea is that the decoration can be easily swapped during other seasons and holidays. Thanks to this, you can use it all year round.  


Mason Jar Candles

If you have read our blog before, you probably know that I simply love candles. Candles add a cozy feeling to your home no matter what season it is. But the truth is, Autumn and winter simply are the best time of the year to light up a candle. And what would be better than making them yourself? Whether you are making your own DIY candles or making candle holders, these projects are fun and great for decoration.

When it comes to DIY Autumn craft projects, the fall mason jar candle holder is one of my all-time favorites. These beauties truly add the spirit of Autumn into your interior. They are cheap and easy to make and look absolutely stunning. All you need for this cute fall DIY project are a pair of mason jars, colorful paint, and contact paper along with a little yarn robe to add some details. Additionally, you’ll, of course, need a candle and some small decorative stones to fill up your jars. Simply paint the jars any way you please, light up a candle, and enjoy that cozy Autumn feeling with friends and family.  


Pine Cone Bird Feeders

When I was a child, one of the standard Autumn activities we did as a family was making fat balls and bird feeders for the animals outside. Nothing was more rewarding than seeing those cute little birds and squirrels eat from our treats and filling up their bellies for the upcoming winter months. This is why making my own bird feeders are, still today, one of my favorite DIY autumn craft projects.

One cute way to make your own bird feeders for autumn is by using pine cones. All you need for this little project are a bunch of pine cones, peanut butter, bird seeds, and twine. Making these bird feeders couldn't be easier. Simply use a spoon or knife to fill up the empty spaces in your pine cones with peanut butter and dip them in bird seeds. Once done, attach a twine and hang the bird feeders from a tree in your garden or on your porch. Before you know it, your yard will be filled with cute little animals trying to get some extra energy for the cold nights ahead.  


Yarn Pumpkins

These adorable yarn pumpkins certainly are one of the cutest DIY Autumn craft projects to decorate your home. Autumn is the time of Halloween and Halloween means pumpkins. Thanks to this, these little yarn pumpkins certainly are the best way to go when decorating your home for the upcoming fall.

Making yarn pumpkins is relatively easy. All you need is some orange yarn, white glue, a balloon, and some brown and green pipe cleaners. The first thing you want to do is blow up your balloon. After this, grab your orange yarn and cut it in several pieces with a length of approximately 36-Inches each. Now, put some white glue in a bowl and carefully dip your yarn pieces in the glue. Clean off the excess glue with a fork or a piece of paper and place the yarn pieces one by one over the balloon to cover it up nicely. After this, hang the balloons from your ceiling and let the glue dry. Once the glue has dried, pop the balloon and take it out of the yarn ball. Now, use the brown and green pipe cleaner to add details and voilà: you have your very own yarn pumpkins!  


Painted Acorns

Just like pumpkins, acorns are highly related to Autumn. This is why not a single list of best DIY Autumn craft projects would be complete without an acorn-inspired idea. When it comes to acorns, my absolute favorite DIY autumn craft projects are these simple yet beautiful painted acorns.

Painting your own acorns is simple. All you need is some paint, a whole lot of acorns, and time. Once finished, these colorful acorns function as great as Autumn-styled decoration. For a full guide on how to make these colorful acorns, please check out this detailed guide with pictures.

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