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Adorable Easter DIY Decoration Projects In Less Than 30 Minutes

Spring is the time of flowers, sunshine, and, of course, Easter! Personally, I love Easter as it’s the perfect holiday for decorating your home with some cute and colorful DIY projects. Although most of us do not decorate our homes for Easter as much as we do for Christmas, there still are an abundance of adorable and simple ways to spice up your home during this season. DIY Easter decorations allow you to add some color and sunshine into your home, making them perfect for welcoming the spring season.

Since we’re all living a busy life, it’s normal that we do not have much time to spend on our Easter decorations - let alone to engage in some time consuming DIY projects. Luckily, not all DIY projects have to be difficult! Below, LANGRIA has listed down 4 adorable Easter DIY projects that can be put together with minimum effort in less than 30 minutes! These extremely simple Easter DIY crafts will be ready in the blink of an eye and, once completed, are guaranteed to spice up your decor for the upcoming spring and Easter holiday ahead.

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DIY Easter Garland

One of my favorite Easter DIY projects is this colorful Easter egg garland. There are countless ways to make your own garland but this one truly stands out due to its unique design. Instead of using regular craft paper, this garland has been made from leftover paint chips. You know, those colorful booklets of paint colors you get at your local craft store when you’re decorating your home. Most of us have some of these laying around catching dust somewhere. The truth is, unless you’re about to paint your house, these paint chips are completely useless. So, why not turn them to good use and turn them into a colorful DIY Easter Garland?


Easter DIY Project
Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids


Simply take your old paint chips and categorize them by color. Now, take a pen and draw the outline of an egg on the back of each chip. Use your scissors and cut out the egg shape. Now, poke in a hole and use a threat to combine your differently colored Easter eggs. Once this step has been completed, your colorful Easter egg garland is all set and ready to be used. This DIY Easter project is so easy, it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete. If you don’t have paint chips at home, chances are high that you can get one for free at your local paint shop!



DIY Easter Candy Jars

When you think about Easter, you’re most likely thinking about chocolate eggs! We all know those tiny yet delicious chocolate eggs we love to fill our bellies with during the Easter season. Instead of keeping them stored away in your kitchen closet, why not make a cute DIY candy jar to store your Easter chocolate eggs? It’s simple, it’s quick, and it looks absolutely adorable!


Easter DIY Candy Jar
SourceCrazy Little Projects


Making your own Easter candy jar is easy. All you need is a glass jar, glitter paint, glue, craft foam, and Googly Eyes. The first thing you’ll have to do is take your jars and paint them with a colorful glitter paint of your liking. Now, take your craft foam and cut out a cute little mouth, nose, and/or legs for your candy jars. When the paint is dry, take your glue gun and attach the Googly eyes and foam cut-outs to your jar. Let the glue dry, and your DIY Easter candy jar is all ready to be used. Whether you make it look like a chicken, bunny, or flower - your Easter candy jar offers the perfect way to store your chocolate eggs. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for some cute decoration, you can also use small glass bottles instead of jars and turn them into some adorable rabbits or chickens.



DIY Carrot Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a fun Easter-themed decor piece for your dinner table, this carrot centerpiece is a perfect choice for you. It is extremely simple to make and, with its colorful and humorous design, is guaranteed to add some sunshine into your life.


Easter DIY Decor
Source: Love Grows Wild


All you need to make your own carrot centerpiece is a glass vase, wildflowers, and some carrots. Fill up your vase with water and carefully drop in the carrots one by one. To make sure the carrots stay at the sides, add in the flowers into the center of the vase. You can even use some floral foam to keep everything in place. Once the carrots and flowers are in place, your centerpiece is all ready to be used. Place it on your dinner table, dresser, or side-table and your friends and family are guaranteed to be impressed.



DIY Easter Candles

Making your own candles is one of my favorite DIY activities. It’s fun, easy, and, once ready, the candles will add a cozy and romantic atmosphere to your home! Another thing I love about DIY candles is that there are different ideas for every holiday season. When it comes to Easter, these adorable egg candles are my absolute favorite.


DIY candles Easter
Source: Less Candles


The next time you finish a delicious egg, make sure not to throw away the shells as these will be the main ingredient for this cute Easter DIY project. To make your own egg candles, you’ll need some empty egg shells, candle wax, and candle wicks. First, make sure to wash out your empty shells thoroughly. Now, melt the candle wax and place the wick inside the empty shells. Once the wax is liquid, slowly pour it inside of the shells. Make sure to do so carefully so that the wick stays in place. Now, let your candles dry and you’ll be all set. These adorable and colorful Easter candles are the perfect asset to any Easter brunch or dinner table!

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