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Adorable DIY Valentine's Day Home Decor Craft Ideas

It’s the beginning of the year and Valentine’s day lies just around the corner. During this holiday of love, many countries have their own Valentine's day traditions. Personally, I am not really a traditional person but, as you all know, I do love DIY projects! And of course, a cute holiday like Valentine’s day can’t be ignored when we’re talking about lovely crafts ideas. Just like any other holiday, Valentine’s day has its own characteristics, colors, and atmosphere. This makes it perfect for making some customized DIY crafts that will brighten up your mood and environment.

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Below, LANGRIA has listed down our 5 favorite DIY decoration ideas for Valentine’s day. These cute home decor ideas will transfer your house into a pink and red heart-shaped love shack. Not only will this lovely Valentine’s decor impress your partner and guests, but it also is sure to set the right mood for the holiday of love that lies ahead. Spread the love with these cute Valentine’s day home decor ideas and get ready to spent a lovely and romantic time with the person you love.

DIY Valentine’s Day Table Cloth

Planning to start off Valentine’s day with a cute and romantic breakfast? Then this DIY Valentine’s day home decor idea is perfect for you! This lovely table cloth is guaranteed to set the right mood for the day ahead. With its colorful hearts and cute design, it is the perfect finishing touch for a romantic breakfast or dinner. And what makes it even better is that you can easily make it by yourself, quick and cheap!


DIY Valentine's day Table Cloth
Source: WomansDay


To make this cute DIY Valentine’s day table cloth, all you need is a white table cloth, colorful paint, a sponge, and a pair of scissors. First, take your scissors and cut your sponge into a heart-shape. If you wish to add different sized hearts to your table cloth, you can use a number of sponges and cut them in different sized hearts ranging from small to large. Now, put down the table cloth on a flat surface and get your paint ready. Gently dip the sponge in the colorful paint and press it against the white table cloth to leave a heart-shaped stamp. Proceed this process until you believe your Valentine’s day table cloth has enough hearts. Simply let your cloth dry for an hour or two, and you’re all set! Of course, you can do this with any color paint of your liking but, since it’s the holiday of love, we would highly recommend you to use red and pink.


DIY Candy Heart Rose Bouquet

The following DIY Valentine’s day home decor idea is so simple yet oh so cute! This home-made candy heart bouquet looks both beautiful and adorable at the same time. Because of its colorful hearts and beautiful roses, there simply is no better way to set the right mood for the holiday of love. If you’re looking for a cheap, simple, and original way to spice up your home decor for Valentine’s day, this crafts idea is perfect for you!


DIY Valentines Candy Hearts
Source: Smart School House


Making this cute candy heart rose bouquet is far more easy than you think. In fact, all you need is a large glass jar, a smaller glass jar, roses, and a whole lot of candy hearts. Once you have gathered your supplies, the first thing you have to do is place the smaller glass jar in the middle of the large glass jar. Now, fill up the space leftover between both jars with the candy hearts. By doing so, the small glass jar will become invisible from the outside as it is completely surrounded by the candy hearts. Now, fill the small glass jar with water, cut your roses at the right length, and insert them into the small water-filled jar. When done correctly, the small jar is now completely invisible from both the side and top, making it look like as if the roses are inserted directly into the candy hearts. This DIY Valentine’s day home decor idea is so simple yet so cute - making it one of my all-time favorites to decorate my home!


DIY Valentine’s Day Love Tree

Perhaps one of the cutest DIY Valentine’s day home decor ideas is this adorable love tree. Personally, I love to add a natural touch to my home. Whether it’s plants, flowers, or wood - it simply brights up my mood. With this cute love tree, it is extremely simple (and cheap!) to combine that natural aspect with a cute design that you expect to see during the holiday of love. Just like our previous ideas, it is extremely simple to make. All you need are a couple of basic items, 30 minutes free time, and you’ll be all set to spice up your home with this lovely tree of love.


DIY Love Tree
Source: Pinterest


So, how do you make this cute decor piece? Well, first things first: the supplies. You’ll need a jar or pot (personally I love to use an old iron milk jug), wooden branches (can be bought in any local flower store or picked up from outdoors), cardboard hearts, and a glue gun. Now, to make this DIY Valentine’s day home decor piece, simply take your cardboard hearts, and use the glue gun to carefully attach them to your wooden branches. How many hearts you put fully depends on your personal taste. Once ready, let them dry for a couple of minutes to make sure the hearts are firmly attached to the branches. After this, take the branches, carefully place them into your jar, and you’re all set. That’s literally all it takes to make this adorable love tree. It’s cheap, fast, simple, and, once ready, guaranteed to create a lovely atmosphere at home!


DIY Branch Heart

Although this DIY Valentine’s day home decor may be a bit more complicated than the ones mentioned above, it certainly is worth your time and effort. That being said, it still is very simple to put together as long as you take your time. Due to its natural look and cute design, I personally love this wall art. It’s great to be used during Valentine’s day but, honestly, it can be used throughout the year. Interested in how to make one for yourself? Simply follow the steps below!


DIY Branch Heart Wall Art
Source: shadesofblueinteriors


What you’ll need for this DIY project are a number of wooden branches with different lengths (I used around 24), one large log, fishing wire, nails, hammer, and different color paint. Now, take your wooden branches and organized them from small-large-small in order to create a heart-shaped design. After that, get your paint and decorate the branches in any way of your liking. Once the paint has dried, take the fishing wire and securely attach it around the top of your branches in order to hang them from the large log as seen on the picture. Once this is ready, the main wall art is done. All that’s left now is to hang it from your wall. Because it is rather heavy, it is advised to use nails and a hammer, just to make sure it won’t drop on the floor.


Mason Jar Flower Pots

Last but not least we have these adorable DIY mason jar flower pots. Mason jars are perfect for DIY crafts as they offer an unlimited pool of possibilities. In fact, no matter what holiday it is, you can always decorate a mason jar in a way to make it perfectly suit the environment. All you need is some paint, a jar, and imagination. Before you know it, your plain empty mason jar has turned into a cute flower vase or candle jar.


Valentine's Day Mason Jar
Source: Pinterest


For this project, all that was needed is a mason jar, paint, and flowers. Simply paint and decorate the jar according to your personal taste. Now, set it aside and let it dry for a while. Once completely dry, fill it up with water and add some roses for the finishing lovely touch. Alternatively, you can use it as a candle jar to set the right mood for the romantic evening ahead with your boyfriend or husband.

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