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Add Some Sunshine To Your Interior With These Summer DIY Decor Ideas

Summer is the perfect time of the year to spice up your indoor and outdoor interior with some cool and simple summer DIY decor ideas. By adding some fresh and colorful decoration to your home, you’re sure to make your place cozier and more livable these summer months. Luckily, it is very easy to decorate your home for the summer. Below, LANGRIA has selected 5 simple and cheap summer DIY decor ideas that are sure to add some sunshine to your interior.    

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DIY Fruit Vase:

The first summer DIY decor idea on our list are these simple yet stunning fruit vases. This DIY project is extremely simple. The best part of it is that, while making your fruit vases, you’ll have an abundance of fresh fruit to enjoy. All you need to make your own summer DIY fruit vases is a large fruit such as a watermelon or pineapple, a knife, and some flowers. These beauties will look stunning at your table and work perfectly as a centerpiece during an outdoor summer dinner.   The first thing you’ll have to do is grab your fruit. Carefully cut off the top and hollow it out with a knife or spoon. Just remember to keep all the fruit you have scooped out. You can eat it later as a snack or use them to make a lovely summer salad. After your fruit has been hollowed out, give it a quick wash with water. Now, you’re ready to insert the flowers of your liking. Don’t forget to add some water after you have inserted the flowers and voila, you’re the proud owner of your own DIY summer fruit vase.    

Mason Jar Floating Candles:

Although candles may be more popular during the winter months, it does not mean that we can not burn some candles while it’s summer! Take these summer DIY candles for example. They look absolutely stunning and add a fresh look to your decor. You can either burn them indoors or outside during a late summer dinner. You could even add some lemon scented essential oils to your DIY summer candles which will help you keep the mosquitoes away during the hot summer nights ahead.   Making these DIY summer mason jar floating candles couldn’t be easier. All you is a mason jar, lemon, lime, fresh rosemary, water, essential oils, and a floating tea light. To assemble them, you simply slice up your lemon and lime. Place two sticks of rosemary into your jar, and fill it up 3/4 with water. Now add the essential oils of your liking and slide in the previously cut lemon and lime slices. After this, simply place a floating tea light on top and you’ll be ready to go! If you’re looking for other ways to make your own candles, you can check out our previous blog on how to easily make beautiful DIY candles.    

Fruit Stamped Tea Towels:

Preparing your home for summer does not have to be difficult. True summer decor is in the details and the best summer DIY projects are extremely simple to make! A great example of how easy it is to add some summer vibes to your home are these cute fruit stamped tea towels. Just get yourself some lemons, fabric paint, and a white tea towel, and you’ll be ready to go.  Now, the whole idea of these summer DIY towels is that you use the lemons as stamps. This will help you add some pretty colorful and fruity patterns to your towels in an easy and quick way. The first thing you’ll have to do is add some colorful paint onto a plate. It is advised to use fresh summer colors such as yellow and pink. Now, cut your lemon in half and softly dip it into the paint. After this, softly press the in paint covered lemon onto your white tea towel. You’ll see that the natural shapes of the lemon will now beautifully show onto the towel. Repeat with different colors until you believe your towel decoration is done. Let the paint dry, and you’re all set!    

DIY Fairy Lantern:

Our next summer DIY project might be a bit more difficult to make, but it is absolutely worth your time. In fact, this DIY idea is great for any time of the year, not just summer. These DIY lanterns allow you to turn a set of regular mason jars into beautifully crafted and mystic candle lights. Not only do they look great, they are also sure to impress both friends and family.  It does not take much to make these beautiful summer DIY fairy lanterns. In fact, all you need are mason jars, spray paint, plain paper, and some glue. For a full list of instructions on how to make these summer DIY candles, you can check out this detailed guide. Here you can even download and print your own fairy silhouettes that can be used in making your summer candles.    

Watermelon Welcome Mat:

The last summer DIY project on our list is again very easy yet still oh so cute! This DIY hand-stamped watermelon mat only takes a couple of minutes to make. With its colorful watermelon shapes, this mat surely gives your visitors a warm summer welcome.  The best part of this project is that it’s extremely cheap to make. All you need are some all-purpose sponges, scissors, paint, and, of course, a doormat. To get all the details on how to make these beautiful summer DIY welcome mats, hop over to this tutorial.
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