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Add Some Color To Your Yard With The Best Easter Plants and Flowers

If you’re a person like me who loves flowers, Springtime is, without a doubt, one of your most favorite times in the year. Now that the sun starts to shine and the days become longer, flowers and plants are popping up from the ground everywhere you look. And with the upcoming Easter days ahead, nothing is better than a having a bright, colorful, and nice smelling yard around your home.

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Naturally, you can buy yourself some simple flowers to decorate your home or porch, but wouldn’t it be nicer to plants some real flowers that come back to color up your yard every year again? Below, we have listed down the best Easter plants and flowers that will turn your yard into a colorful paradise every spring season again.



crocus best spring flower
Source: Hazzard's Greenhouse


Perhaps the most iconic spring and Easter flower is the crocus. Although small in size, these beauties truly treat you to some impressive colors. These small wildflowers come in a wide range of different colors including white, yellow, and purple. The best thing about them is that they are extremely tough and easy to grow. Simply plant some bulbs into your yard, and you’ll be treated to a colorful garden year after year. Crocuses are extremely cheap, which makes them popular among many people. You’ll find them in people’s yards, but also in the wild where they color up grasslands and meadows. Thanks to their strong body, these little flowers often are the first ones to bloom after the cold and dark winter season has ended.



Spring plants
Source: Andy Mast Greenhouse


Another spring flower that often colors up the garden from people during Easter time are daffodils. No matter whether you’re a flower lover or not, everybody knows the daffodil. This iconic spring flower comes in a wide range of yellow and orange tints. They are available in both large and small size, making them perfect for any type of garden. Their stunning beauty is best brought forward when planed together in a group with other daffodils. Just like the crocus, daffodils are easy to take care off and come back year after year. Depending on the country you live, you’re likely to find these flowers in the wild as well. During spring and Easter time, the flowers are furthermore often used for decorative purposes at people’s homes. If you’re into the color yellow and appreciate the details in flowers, the daffodil is the perfect spring plant for you.



best spring flowers
Source: Amazon


No spring garden is complete without some beautiful hyacinths. This spring flower is one of my absolute favorites not only because of its stunning look but also because of its unique smell. Thanks to its large size, colorful appearance, and gorgeous smell, this plant is often used to brighten up people’s gardens and porches. They are furthermore extremely popular to be used indoors during the spring season as they are guaranteed to add a sense of freshness into your home that truly symbolizes spring. If you’re looking for a flower that brings both color and a fresh fragrance into your life, you simply can’t go wrong with the hyacinth.



Tulip spring flower
Source: Breck's


The tulip is perhaps one of the most famous flowers across the world. In fact, it has been for centuries. This beautiful flower is available in a never-ending combination of different colors and shapes. Whereas some have a basic single-color look, others feature a stunning, sometimes even artistic, multi-color look with obnoxious shapes to please the eye. No matter what kind of flower person you are, everybody loves the tulip. Tulips are easy to grow in your yard and, because they come from a bulb, they come back year after year. They are extremely simple to grow as well, making them perfect for those people among us who do not have much knowledge about or patience for gardening. If you don’t have a yard, tulips also make a stunning flower to put on a vase. Simply head over to your local flower shop and buy yourself a bouquet of colorful tulips to freshen up your home for spring.



Spring Plants
Source: King's


If you’re lucky enough to have a big yard, then you truly should consider adding some hydrangeas. These large bush-like plants come with large and colorful fluffy balls when they are in bloom. The Delicate lacy flowers of this plant are guaranteed to impress over and over again. These plants come in soft colors including light blue, pink, and white - making them perfect for Easter and the spring season. Whereas all the plants and flowers covered before were relatively small in size, hydrangeas have a large size thanks to which they truly add an abundance of color into your yard. They are available as plants but, for those of us with limited space, they also are a great fresh-cut flower to decorate your home.

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