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8 Easy DIY Projects For Kids To Decorate Their Room

DIY projects for kids offer a great way to teach your children how to work with their hands and think creatively. When combined with home decor crafts, you and your little ones will be able to make some cool decor pieces for at home and add some personal touch to your interior. Not only are these DIY kids crafts great fun, they also let you decorate your home in a stylish manner. Whether you use them to decorate your child’s bedroom, living room, or kitchen - these kids crafts are sure to add some style to your interior. This list of 10 easy DIY projects for kids will give you tons of inspiration and are guaranteed to keep your kids busy throughout the entire afternoon. For other cool and more advanced DIY projects, please check out our previous article on 10 amazing DIY home decor projects.      

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Amazing DIY Projects for Kids

  Keeping your kids busy and entertained in a creative way may seem difficult nowadays with all the distractions of electronics lurking around. At LANGRIA, we believe that it is essential for kids not to lose their creativity and ability to work with their hands. So what can you do as a mother or father to keep them busy in a creative way without using technology? Well, why not give crafting a chance?   The following 10 easy kids craft ideas are easy and cool. They teach your kids how to enjoy making cool stuff themselves using their own hands. And what’s even better is that these DIY projects for kids are great home decor pieces when finished. This allows you to decorate your place while giving your child the chance to show off their proud DIY crafts.    

DIY Dream Catcher

No young girl’s bedroom is complete without a beautiful dream catcher hanging above her bed. Personally, I have always been fascinated by dream catches. According to old myths, these beautiful pieces of bedroom decoration protect us from bad dreams. Thanks to this, you can be assured that you can always enjoy a good night rest without having any nightmares.   The design of a dream catcher looks relatively complicated. However, you will be surprised by how simple they are to make by yourself. As long as you follow the right steps, you’ll be able to make your own dream catcher in no time. After all, it is nothing more than a hoop with some kind of weave in the center and, at the bottom, a tail. This fun DIY project allows your kinds to make something beautiful with their own hands. And of course, most importantly, it makes sure they’ll never have bad dreams again!    

Painted Wooden Boxes

Not only does this simple DIY project look beautiful on your kid’s desk, it also teaches him some organizational habits. These little boxers are great keepsakes that help your child to store little items and toys.  As a result, their rooms will stay organized. And the best thing is, this kids crafts project is very simple and can be finalized in less than 30 minutes.    To make these colorful DIY storage boxes for your kid’s bedroom, all you need is a simply wooden box made from unfinished wood. These boxes can be found for cheap at places like IKEA. Besides the box, all you need is acrylic paint and some paint brushes. For a full overview of all the steps you have to follow to build these cool storage boxes yourself, please check out this easy tutorial.    

Vacation Memory Jar

Summer is just around the corner. And for kids, this just means one thing: HOLIDAY! Many families go out on a summer vacation and take a trip somewhere inside the country or abroad. For kids, the summer holiday is one of the best of the year. So what would be better than giving them the opportunity to store away some of the amazing memories they made during that time? With these beautiful vacation memory jars, your child will never forget his summer vacation again. All you need to craft these stunning memory jars is a large glass mason jar - preferably one that can be closed from the top. For decoration, you could additionally add white sand, a decorative wooden label with a thin hemp rope, etc. Besides that, all you need are the items your kid finds during her holiday. Naturally, this project would work best when you’re on a beach holiday and want to bring home some seashells. But of course, it works for any memorable items that your kid wishes to take back home.    

Squirt Gun Painting

This fun little DIY project for kids is 100% guaranteed to entertain your little one for hours to come! Besides being great fun, this kids craft project also is extremely simple. It allows your son or daughter to pick her own colors and apply her own style - truly making them feel like an artist. Source: Firefliesandmudpies[/caption]   This DIY kids craft is challenging your kids to think creatively. While doing so, it lets them make their own beautiful pieces of art. The creations are bound to impress. Once finished, you’ll be able to proudly display them on any empty wall in your home. Click here for a fun DIY tutorial on making squirt gun paintings.    

Mason Jar Aquarium

This simple but fun DIY project for your kids truly delivers a stunning end result! They are extremely easy to make and, once finished, form a beautiful piece of home decoration that certainly deserves a spot in your living room! All you need for this kids crafts project is a mason jar (or any other large sized glass jar) and some decoration such as little stones and underwater plants. The latter can be found in any type of aquarium shop.  Just remember, this mason jar aquarium is intended for decoration purposes only and you should not put in any real fish. Especially not if your jar comes with an airtight lid! If you are using a larger sized jar or bowl, you can put in one of two fish. Just remember to keep the top open so that your pet gets enough oxygen to survive.    

Fairy Garden

Does your child have green fingers and simply loves flowers and gardening? Then this DIY project for kids is perfect for him! A fairy garden combines gardening and fantasy - truly letting your child’s creativity and imagination run wild. When finished, it will be a stunning piece of home decoration that will be a feast to the eye. And while you’re at it, this kids crafts project also allows you to teach your children a bit more about flowers and gardening in general!  Source: Goodhousekeeping[/caption]   Although a bit more complicated than the ones listed above, this project is guaranteed to offer fun to both you and your child. Depending on how you wish to decorate your own fairy garden, you’ll need different ingredients. As an example of how to tackle this amazing DIY project, you can check out this short manual.    

Glow In The Dark Lights

It’s not a secret that kids love anything that glows in the dark. This is why the following DIY project for kids is guaranteed to be a great success! These simple to make DIY glow jars are sure to amaze your son or daughter. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, they also can be used as a cool nightlight in your child’s bedroom!   All you need for this project to work are a couple of glow sticks, a glass jar with lid, a small tulle (net), and some scissors. Because you are working with glow sticks, it also is recommended to use safety gloves and protective eye wear. Once you have gathered these ingredients, it is very quick and easy to make your DIY night light. In this article, you’ll find a detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to put together your glow jars.    

Play Room Chair

This project might be a little bit too difficult for your kid himself but it certainly is great fun to work on it together! These cute chairs are guaranteed to look great in your child’s play room or any other room at home.   Simply head out to the local craft store and get yourself some wood, paint, glue, and nails. You can turn this cute chair into any shape imaginable. Hereby you can think about a little fox or your child’s favorite super hero. Just draw the outlines in the wood, saw it, and put the pieces together. Once put together, you can use the pain to finish the decoration of this amazing play room chair. When ready, this cute children’s chair is guaranteed to amaze both children and adult visitors alike.
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