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7 Amazing Indoor Garden Ideas For Small Apartments

A mini indoor garden offers a great way to add some greens into your apartment. Indoor gardens barely take up any space and they look absolutely stunning. But above all, they are also good for your health. Studies have proven that having plants around is better for both your physical and mental health as it reduces stress levels. So, what are you still waiting for? A mini indoor garden is perfect for those of us who are living in a small city apartment with limited space. From now on, you no longer have to be held back by a lack of space and the absence of a patio to add some plants to your home. With these cute indoor garden ideas, anybody can build a lush summer garden inside their four walls. Below, LANGRIA has listed down 7 simple indoor garden projects for you to spice up your interior.  

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1) Mason jar herb garden

Let’s start off our list of indoor garden ideas with a simple one; indoor mason jar herb gardens. These little indoor gardens are extremely simple to make yet they look oh so cute. They offer a great way to add some greens to your kitchen. The best thing about these indoor herb gardens is, of course, that they do not only look good but also offer a source of fresh herbs to use for cooking.   To make these cute indoor herb gardens, all you need are four colorful mason jars, a bit of soil, steel wire, 4 hooks, and your favorite spices. Once you have these supplies, the idea is pretty simple and straightforward. Attach the hooks to your wall or cupboard, place the herbs (and soil if necessary) into the jars, wrap the steel wire around the jars, and hang them from the hooks. As simple as it might seem, this indoor garden idea is sure to add some character to your small apartment kitchen.  

2) Garment rack hanging garden

Who said that garment racks can only be used for hanging your clothes? If you do it right, you can use them to easily add some extra storage and character to your bedroom or bathroom. Simply buy yourself some pretty hanging pots that match your interior and fill them up with your favorite plants. Now, simply hang them from your garment rack and voila, you have your own hanging garden! You can either combine one or two flowers with your clothes to use the rack for decoration and storage, or you can turn the entire rack into one large hanging garden by using several pots.  

3) DIY wall planter

Another simple way to build your own indoor garden is by using steel mesh frames. The best side of this indoor garden idea is the fact that it barely takes up any space. You can simply hang it from your wall and turn it into an artistic piece of green wall decor. Like all DIY indoor garden ideas, this project also is extremely simple.   Before we can start, you have to gather the necessary supplies. Luckily, that won’t be difficult in this case. You will need several hanging pots, plants, hooks, and some mesh wire frames. The first thing you’ll have to do is use a drill and the little hooks to attach the wire frame to your wall. Once this frame is in place, you can simply fill up your hanging pots with your favorite flowers and hang them from the mesh wire frame. And that’s literally all it takes to create your own DIY wall planter for at home.  

4) Indoor window box garden

Many of us may not have thought about it before, but the window flower boxes you often see hanging from windows and balconies are also great to be used indoors. With a little bit of inspiration and the right tools, you can turn them into a simple yet cool indoor garden. This DIY indoor garden may be a bit more complicated compared to our previous ideas, but don’t let that stop you. Once finished, this beauty will spice up the interior of any modern household. The supplies needed for this project include a wooden window box, window box insert, four square aluminum tubes, paint, flowers, and soil. For an easy to follow guide with pictures on how to make this indoor window box garden, please check out the website of abeautifulmess.  

5) Used bottle garden

Yet another simple yet amazing idea to create your own DIY indoor garden. These used bottle gardens look artistic and cool. Added to that, they also help you to recycle some old bottles - making it truly a ‘’green’’ garden idea. Simply grab yourself some old soda bottles and use a box cutter to cut out two windows at the front and back side of each bottle. Now, fill up the bottom part of your bottle with some soil, rocks, or moss and place a couple of small plants on top. Once ready, you can use a fishing wire or steel wire to hang them from your wall, roof, or kitchen cabinet.  

6) Indoor fairy garden

Making an indoor fairy garden offers another great way to recycle some old, leftover, wrappings by turning them into something beautiful. Fairy gardens are relatively simple and fun to make. The best part of them is that they truly allow you to use your imagination to build a true miniature indoor garden. This is a great DIY project to do alone, with friends, or with your children.   When it comes to making a fairy garden, there is no right or wrong. These beauties can be built according to your own mood, style, and imagination. All you need are some small plants, soil, decoration of your taste, and a container. The best looking containers to use for making your own fairy garden are made from wood or metal. Wooden containers add a natural look to your garden whereas metal containers add a modern industrial touch. You can, for instance, easily use an empty cookie jar or any other type of used metal tins. Use a small container for a single plant or a large one for a mini garden - when it comes to a fairy garden, there truly are no limits. These cute little gardens are great for in the living room or to give away to friends as a flower themed DIY gift.  

7) Teacup flower

If you really only have limited space available or if you simply are looking for an easy yet cute indoor garden idea, these teacup flowers are perfect for you. Their simple yet stylish look makes them perfect for in the kitchen, living room, or for on your desk or dinner table. Out of all indoor garden projects, this is most likely the easiest one to achieve.  To make these cute teacup flowers, you only need some soil, little stones, a teacup, and of course a flower. As you are using a teacup, it is a nice idea to use a little plant that can be associated with tea. Think for instance about mint or a small tea plant itself. Once you have gathered all the supplies, the steps to take are pretty straightforward and obvious. Take your cup, fill it up with soil, place the plant inside, cover up the top with some tiny decorative rocks (optional), and you’re all set. Simple as that!
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