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6 Best Spring Flowers To Decorate Your Home

Spring flowers are, without a doubt, the best way to decorate your home. After all, nothing brightens the room more than a colorful bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Because spring is almost around the corner and, after the winter seasons, we can all use some color in our life, LANGRIA has listed down the 6 best spring flowers for decorating your home. With their bright colors, sweet smell, and gorgeous look - these spring flowers are guaranteed to brighten up your room and mood!

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Let’s start off our list of the best spring flowers to decorate your home with my personal favorite, the tulip. Out of all the spring flowers out there, I absolutely adore the tulip. With their beautiful long green leaves and an abundance of color choices, you simply can’t help it but love this flower. Perhaps this also is the reason why tulips are the most iconic flower for spring. If you are not sure what color to choose, you can check out this flower color guide for all the true meanings behind the color of a flower. Besides the fact that they look gorgeous, they also are long-lasting and easy to keep. This makes them perfect for putting on your vase. Just put them in the water, wait a couple of hours, and their blooms are sure to take place. When taken care of properly, you can keep tulips for up to 10 days in a vase, which makes them the perfect flower for adding some bright colors into your spring home.


Spring Flowers Tulip
Source: AppleyardFlowers 


Gerbera Daisies

Another spring flower I love to use for decorating my home is the Gerbera Daisy. These flowers are perfect for spring not only because of their bright colors but also because of their remarkable shape. With their large centerpiece that is surrounded by numerous small leaves, Gerbera daisies are guaranteed to give you that cheery springtime feeling. Because these spring flowers are available in nearly any color, they are suitable for decorating the home of anybody out there. If you want to keep them on a vase, remember to cut the tips at an angle which will significantly increase the flower’s lifespan. On average, these spring flowers can last for about a week when placed in a vase.


Spring Flowers 
Source: Factory Direct Craft



One of the most popular and well-known spring flowers are carnations. Besides the fact that they look gorgeous, they also are one of the easiest flowers to keep in a vase. In fact, carnations are so enduring that, when cut and taken care of properly, they can last for up to 2 weeks in a vase. These flowers come in a wide range of different colors which gives you plenty of options to choose from to match your interior. In order to prolong their vase life, remember to cut the tips of the stems every 2 to 3 days. After you have cut the stem, air bubbles will form around it which helps to create better absorption. It might sound silly, but this little trick may actually increase the life of your carnations by several days.


Spring Flowers Carnations
Source: Amazon



Blue Iris

If you like spring colors with a bright and outstanding color, the blue Iris is the perfect choice for you. As their name suggests, these spring flowers have a bright blue/purple color that certainly makes them stand out from the rest. Although beautiful, the down-side of these spring flowers are their sort vase life. Once cut, they can only last for several days before losing quality. Therefore, it is best to choose bunches that are still in the bud stage if you wish to put them on a vase. After they are cut and placed in a vase, they will quickly start to bloom. Remember to keep these flowers out of direct sunlight and keep the vase full of water. In order to prolong their vase life, it is best to add a preservative solution to the water. This may give you a couple of extra days to enjoy these stunning blue spring flowers.


 Spring Flowers Blue Iris
Source: The Frugal Flower


Stargazer Lilies

Once you have smelled the stargazer lily, you simply can’t help yourself from falling in love with this spring flower. When placed in your home, these flowers will make your entire household smell like fresh and sweet flowers, making them perfect for spring! Besides their smell, the high-contrast colors also are sure to impress. The best side of these spring flowers is that they can last for up to 2 weeks in a vase. The only thing you need to be aware off is its orange pollen that falls from their anthers. This is especially the case when you place the flowers on a delicate surface. To avoid stains, it may, therefore, be the best idea to place the vase on top of a tray and not directly onto your table or closet.


Spring Flowers Stargazer Lillies
Source: Blossoming Gifts



Last but not least, the hydrangea. This delicate spring flower features a soft white, blue, or pink color. With an abundance of small colorful leaves, this spring flower adds an instant touch of whimsy to your room. What I personally love about these spring flowers is their massive size. And although their colors might not be as bright as those of tulips or lilies, their large size certainly makes up for it. If you wish to use this flower to decorate your house for spring, remember to carefully remove all the leaves from the stems and to cut the stems under water. Because hydrangeas have hard wooden stems, slightly cutting them or poking them with a needle allows the flower to absorb water easier. On average, hydrangeas last for up to 7 days when placed in a vase.


Spring Flower Vase
Source: BloomNation
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