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6 Beautiful Spring DIY Projects For Home & Garden

Spring DIY projects offer you a perfect opportunity to further brighten up your life by adding some extra color into your home and garden. Spring is the time of the year when nature comes back to life. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing. This makes spring the perfect time to head out and engage in some colorful DIY projects for your home or garden.   Below, LANGRIA has listed down our 6 favorite spring DIY projects for 2018. These indoor and outdoor projects are great fun and easy to complete. And most importantly, once finished, they treat you to a stunning piece of decoration for at home or in your yard.  

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1) DIY Garden Planter & Bird Bath

This homemade garden planter and bird bath is an asset to any backyard! The best part of it is that it is very easy to put together. With this DIY bird feeder, you can take simplicity to a whole new level. All you need is a bunch of pots, some paint, flowers, Iron pole, and a bowl.   Now, to make this beautiful bird bath, the first thing you’ll have to do is get your pots. Once you have your pots, make a hole in the bottom in case they do not have one yet. After this, you’re ready to give them a paint job. You can paint them any color of your liking. Now, you fill up your pots with soil and plant your flowers. After this, carefully stack the pots on top of each other and place a water bowl on top for the birds. For full instructions, please check out this easy to follow guide.  

2) Driftwood Wall Candle

Our second DIY spring project is extremely easy yet beautiful! Although it’s a fun project for spring time, it actually is a great crafts idea for any season. All you need is some glue, driftwood, hooks + nails, and candles.  Grab yourself 3 driftwood planks of approximately 30cm - 50cm in length. Now, take three smaller planks and glue them horizontally onto the large driftwood plank to create a little table that can hold your candle. Now, let your wall candle dry for several hours to make sure the final piece is well glued together. After its done, get a little hook and attach it to the back of your wall candle. Now, simply put a small nail into your wall, hang your candle holder, add some candles, and you’re done! Although this project is very easy, the end result is absolutely stunning. You can use it both indoors as well as outdoors no matter the season.  

3) Sand Box Table

If you have kids who love to play outside, this next spring DIY project is perfect for you! We all know kids love the outdoors and playing with their hands. And spring is the perfect time for this! So why not build something for them that allows them to do just that?  This DIY sad box table is extremely simple to put together. On top of that, it is portable and can be closed off with a lid. With this unique box table, you can say goodbye to the original messy sand box in your garden. From now on, you no longer have to worry about dust in your backyard and after playtime. If you think your son or daughter would love this sand box table, you can build one yourself by following the instructions in this tutorial.  

4) Wine Bottle Garden

My personal favorite; the wine bottle garden! Spring is the time of the year the sun starts to shine and people head outside. And what would be better than to sit in your backyard with a glass of wine? But what to do with all those empty wine bottles? Instead of simply returning them to the supermarket, why not turn them into something beautiful? These DIY wine bottle gardens are stylish and beautiful. If you’re looking for a piece of homemade decor, this craft idea is the ultimate DIY project for you! All you actually need to make this wine bottle garden is a a bottle, glass cutter, some corks, and, of course, the flowers/stones for decoration. What kind of flowers, stones, or decoration you should choose to make your garden entirely depends on your personal taste. The only tricky part of this project is going to be the glass cutting which has to be done with great care. Perhaps, it is better to have this done by a professional. But once this part is done, you fill up your bottle with plants and start to decorate your own little garden.  

 5) Skateboard Swing

If your kids love to play their skateboard as much as mine, the chances are that you have bought numerous skateboards throughout the years as they tend to get broken every month or so. With this unique DIY project, you no longer have to throw away the next skateboard that breaks down. Instead, you can turn it into a cool backyard swing that is sure to meet the liking of your son. All you need for this backyard project is an old skateboard, some strong ropes, wooden rods, and a tall tree with thick branches.   Source: Littlebitfunky[/caption]   Not only is this skateboard swing great fun, it also offers your kid a way to practice his balance and skateboard skills. Besides, this swing looks so much cooler than a regular backyard swing. It is very easy to make and, once in place, it lets your kids feel as if they are floating through the air on their own hoover board. If you have children who love to skateboard or snowboard, this fun swing a guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.  

6) Wine Cork Vases

This is perhaps the simplest spring DIY project on the list. Nevertheless, the end result looks far from simple. This beautiful cork vase adds some style to your home decor in a cheap and easy way. All you need for this project are some leftover corks, glue, and a slim vase.   Source: Design Improvised[/caption]   To make this crafts project, you first have to get yourself a thin glass vase. Once you have one, take your corks and simply stack them together to the side of the vase. While doing so, use glue to make sure the corks stay together and stick to the vase for a tight fit. After you’re done, let the glue dry for a while and you’ll be all set. Now you can fill up your wine cork vase with your favorite flowers and you’re ready to impress your friends. More detailed instructions can be found on the website of Design Improvised.   And there you have it, 6 easy but amazing spring DIY projects to brighten up your home and garden. Personally, I truly love spring and all related craft ideas. What is your favorite season of the year to work on DIY crafts? And do you have any projects you wish to share? Let us know in the comment section below! And, of course, if you liked this DIY blog, don’t forget to subscribe. We’ll upload new DIY and home decor blogs on a weekly basis.
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