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6 Amazing Wall Decor Ideas for Small Apartments

Spice up your interior with these 6 simple wall decor ideas. If you’re living in a small apartment with limited space, wall decoration is an essential part of a cozy home. Check out these 6 amazing wall decor ideas for small apartments that are guaranteed to spice up your living room.

When you have limited living space, your walls offer an abundance of opportunities when it comes to home decor. Wall decor comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The best part of wall decor is, and always will be, the fact that it takes up minimum space. No matter how limited your living space, you’ll always have 4 walls to decorate. So why not take advantage of this? The 6 amazing wall decor ideas are cheap and simple to achieve. But more importantly, they take up minimum space and are suitable for the smallest of apartments. If you have limited living space yourself and are looking for a way to spice up your room, these 6 wall decor ideas are perfect for you.  

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1) Picture Frame Wall

One of the easiest, cheapest, and prettiest of all wall decor ideas is, by far, a picture frame wall. As the name suggests, a picture frame wall is nothing more than a wall filled up with pictures of the people you love. This type of wall decor may be simple, but it certainly adds a personal and artistic touch to your living room. Besides looking cool, it also shows the people you love most just how much you care about them.

Making a picture frame wall is relatively easy. All you need are some matching frames and pictures of your family and best friends. Personally, I love the idea of using black or white frames and printing the pictures in grayscale. But of course, you can also use colorful frames and pictures if this better matches your interior. Simply pick the pictures you like most, print them, and hang them on your wall using your frames. Although simple, this wall decor idea is guaranteed to spice up your living room’s interior.  


2) Irregular Mirrors

When talking about wall decor ideas for small apartments, mirrors are absolutely amazing for several reasons. First of all, mirrors simply look stylish and add a modern touch to your living room. But there is more to it! Mirrors do, in fact, make your room appear bigger. This makes them absolutely perfect for small apartments with a limited space.

Mirrors themselves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you like a straight design or something more uniquely shaped, there always will be a mirror that fits your interior. Besides looking stylish and making your room look bigger, mirrors also are very useful in daily life. Mirrors may be a little bit pricier than picture frames, however, the investment is certainly worth it.  


3) Wall Hooks & Pocket Organizers

Modern-day wall hooks are so much more than the regular hooks we know from the past. Instead of featuring a boring design, modern wall hooks come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. Interior designers truly have turned them into a piece of cheap home decor that is not only useful but also good looking. If you wish to go for something a bit more unique, you can replace the standard wall hooks with modern pocket organizers. Both wall decor ideas look stylish and will add a modern touch to your interior.

Besides simply looking good, wall hooks and pocket organizers bring along one other main benefit. These wall decor pieces treat you to extra storage space that can be used for storing small objects, magazines, and newspapers. This feature comes in particularly handy for people with limited living space. 


4) Antique Baskets & Plates

Wall decor ideas are not always so straightforward. In fact, there are plenty of unique and artistic ideas out there that you might have never thought about before. Think about baskets and antique plates, for example. I’m sure that most of us have never thought about using these items as wall decor. If, however, you have a natural and classic or old-fashioned interior, baskets and antique plates are absolutely perfect for wall decor.

Take these stylish African grass baskets for example. Instead of using them simply for storage, why not hang them from your wall. By thinking a bit outside of the box, you can turn these grass baskets into a beautiful piece of wall decor. They are light in weight, portable, and look beautiful with their colorful design. When placed correctly at your walls, these baskets surely will add a feeling of coziness to your living room.  


5) Minimalist Book Shelves

When talking about wall decor ideas, shelves are perhaps the simplest and most basic examples you can think off. Although they are simple and basic, wall shelves can truly add an extra dimension to your living room. When placed properly, they look very stylish. They furthermore allow you to place other pieces of decoration such as books, candles or flowers to make your interior look even better.

Besides making your room look better in general, wall shelves are great in the way that they offer an extra source of storage space. For people who live in a small apartment, one of the main difficulties is finding the needed storage for all their stuff. With some wall shelves at your disposal, you can store your books, magazines, and other small items without it taking up any extra space. 


6)Newspaper / Magazine Wall

The last item on our list of wall decor ideas is the black and white newspaper or magazine wall. This idea truly is a classic when it comes to wall decor. The idea itself is simple: get some old newspapers and magazines, cut out black and white pictures or articles, and paste them on your wall. When doing so, you’ll be able to create a stunning newspaper wall that looks as if it came straight out of a movie.  

Although a little bit time consuming, the end result makes it all worth it. The idea itself is cheap as you can simply use old newspapers and magazines. Although this wall decor idea might look a bit too busy for in the living room, it is great for in the hallway or toilet. Instead of using pictures from magazines, you can also simply print pictures of friends and family in black and white and paste them all over your wall.

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