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5 Ways to Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night

Your heart may swell with love when you watch your baby snooze. But When it comes to helping baby stay asleep, it can feel like an impossible mission. Don’t panic, your baby is not trying to torture you. Data from Canada Baby Center showed that about a quarter of children under five have sleep problems, particularly refusing to go to bed or waking up several times in the night. Before jumping to solutions, you have to understand WHY won’t the baby sleep. Is she hungry? seeking attention? is she cold/hot? If you think there are physiological causes involved, like teething, it’s better to go to a baby center or hospital for suggestions. If there’s no pain but the baby still can not sleep continuously through the night, keep calm and follow these 5 must-know tips.  

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    Source: Shutterstock Play active games during the day but avoid overstrain. Take her out to enjoy the sun for a bit. Try to put the concept in your baby's mind that "nighttime is when we sleep, daytime is when we have fun".

    SourceABC Health Report Australia It's better to create a feeding routine scheduling the feeding time and quantities. Pediatricians indicate that babies naturally eat more during daytime and suggest parents to wean the baby off nighttime feedings around the 6-month marker.

    Bathing tricks to make baby fall asleepSource: Highlights Many babies enjoy bathing with lukewarm water and soft loving strokes right before sleep, which calms them down. If you have some time, taking a simple 15 min bedtime massage can help her fall asleep faster and soundly. Have a look at this 4-minute baby massage calming video

    Source: Pearltrees Newborns don't understand that night time means bedtime, but you can help her learn by softening the lighting in the evening. For those over 12 months, light is one smart way to regulate their internal clock as well. When it's time to wake up, get into bright light ASAP and make sure your home is bright during the day.  

    Source: Video Blocks It will act as a signal to fall asleep. When creating a bedtime ceremony or ritual, remember to keep it always the same, short and simple, such like telling a goodnight fairy tale, singing a lullaby, putting Jammies on or giving a security toy for her to hold and sleep with.
  Now that you master these 5 tips, you can give them a try to see if they work well with your sweetie. Which tip(s) to pick is up to your little one’s character and your family’s daily routine. If you have already established a nice bedtime routine for your baby but haunted by specific problems like feeding or trouble to sleep alonecheck out these 3 extra tips:  EFFECTIVE FEEDING TIP Breastfeeding naked baby prevent her fall asleep Source: Kidstock via Getty This method is especially for 0-6 month babies. Warmly hold by the mum, the infant may rashly fall asleep while feeding. One magic way introduced by pediatricians to prevent the baby from falling asleep while breastfeeding is to take off all her clothes off (keep the diaper). Ensure the room is warm and breastfeed your naked baby. Don’t worry about the baby feeling cold, mum’s body temperature is just right so that she can have her meal without falling asleep. SLEEP ALONE TIP Children learn to sleep alone in bed Source: Parenting This method is especially for kids over 3 years old. What if my little one is old enough but refuses to sleep by herself? Establish a sense of security and take it slow. Put your child to bed and tell her that you'll come back in a bit to check on her. Keep your promise, but wait for successively longer intervals of time. Or try leaving your kid's room door ajar so she can hear you, and be reassured that you're nearby. MAGIC BEDDING TIP LANGRIA Memory foam kids pillow with cute dog designSource: LANGRIA This method suits kids of all ages. For those under 3 month, keep the sleep surface free of everything to avoid the odds of suffocation or choking. A fitted sheet is all she needs on the mattress. If you're worried about warmth, try a sleep sack instead of a loose cover. As she grows, you can change the sack for a cozy, proper sized cotton blanket. Until your toddler moves from a crib to a bed, you may want to introduce a pillow as well. Make sure the pillow is skin-friendly and ergonomic like LANGRIA’s Kid’s Pillowso you don’t have to worry about discomfort, flat head or snore, as it is designed especially for kids. Stay away from high-loft pillows that are suitable for adults but may cause wrong spinal alignment on children; do not use feather pillows either, which can set off allergies and are too fluffy, sinking the kid’s little head in. Remember, the final goal of all the tips above is to establish a health & regular bedtime schedule. It is important to be patient, as some of the tips require consistency and time to work effectively. Do you have other tips or experience in settling baby a nice sleep? Share with us by leaving a comment below!  
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