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5 Brilliant DIY Ideas To Repurpose Your Old Books

These amazing DIY ideas let you turn your old books into beautiful home decoration. The projects are simple and, once finished, look absolutely stunning. Grab some old books and get busy. With these unique DIY ideas, you’re sure to impress friends and family alike. If you’re like me and love to read, you probably have boxes filled with old books lying around at your home. Although we most likely never read them again, it’s still painful to dispose of them. But there has to come a moment that we go through our old books and see which ones can be sold, given away, or thrown away. Or, may there perhaps be a different way to give a meaning to our old books? Why not repurpose them yourself by means of one of these cool DIY ideas and use them for a completely different purpose? Although made for reading, books can be used for so many more purposes. Take decoration, for example. After all, most books (especially older ones) look absolutely amazing. This makes them perfect for decorating and DIY purposes. Below, LANGRIA has selected 5 of the coolest DIY ideas that help you turn your old books into stunning home decoration.  

Book Clock

When you’re reading an interesting book or novel, it’s easy to get carried away and forget about the time. So wouldn’t it be great to have a unique book-themed clock at your side that helps you keep track of time? This simple DIY idea allows you to easily turn any old book into a functioning clock. The DIY book clock is a fun project to do alone or with your kids to teach them some creative skills. When finished, this unique piece of home decoration will look great on the desk of any bed- or study room.   The DIY idea of making your own clock is actually pretty simple. All you need is a cheap plastic clock, a box cutter, hammer, and, of course, an old book. For full instructions on how to make your own book clock, please check out this useful guide. Here you’ll also find a large number of other DIY ideas for making your own clocks.  

Book Planters

This beautiful DIY idea shows that it does not take much to add a little charm to your home or office. These cute book planters are one of my favorite DIY ideas with old books. They look absolutely stunning and will bring some green into your life. If you are a reader with a green thumb, you’ll love these simple DIY book planters.     What you need for this simple DIY idea is a vintage book, 2 or 3 small succulents, potting soil, plastic bag, glue, a box cutter, and finally some dry moss or any other type of ground cover. For a full guide with easy steps and plenty of pictures, please head over to the website of apartmenttherapy. Here you’ll find all you have to know to build your very own book planters.  

Floating Book Shelves

We all have some shelves in our home. Whether it’s for decoration, to hold books, or to keep your tools - shelves simply are useful! But why do shelves always look so boring and plain? If you’re like me and wish to add some more thought into decorative shelving, this DIY home decor project is great for you. It allows you to create your own floating bookshelf made out of, you guessed it, books! These floating shelves are a true eye catcher that is sure to impress your family and friends. For this DIY idea, all you need are some corner brackets, short screws and a drill, Velcro tape and, of course, a number of old books. When you have all the materials, the first thing you have to do is attach the corner brackets to your wall with your screws and drill. After this, you take the Velcro tape. Attach one side of the tape to the bottom of your corner bracket, and the other at the inside of your book’s rear cover. Now, take the book and attach the pieces of Velcro tape together in such a way that the book’s pages cover the wall bracket. After the first book is in place, you can pile up some more books on top of it to create your own bookshelf with a floating illusion.  

Fairy Tale Paper Roses

The following DIY idea is so adorable, it makes you want to start tearing pages out of your old books right away. These DIY paper roses are the perfect romantic gift for your book-loving girlfriend. You can even make a whole bunch of them to create your own paper flower bouquet for at weddings or other special occasions.  It’s fair enough to say that this DIY idea is a bit more tricky compared to the three previous projects. Nevertheless, we can assure you that the end result is totally worth it. First, you’ll need to gather a number of craft supplies which, luckily, are easy to find. Once you have the needed tools, you can start tearing pages and crafting roses right away. The full details on how to make these stunning paper roses can be found in this useful manual.  

DIY Book Table Light

True bookworms like me like to read both day and night. With this amazing book table light, you’ll be able to read your favorite books after dark in style. Not only does this beauty allow you to light up your room and to read at night, it also simply looks stunning. This DIY book table light will be a true asset to your interior and is guaranteed to impress visitors who stop by at your place.  Making your own table light might seem difficult. The truth is, however, that it is much easier than it seems. All you need to make this stunning book light is a pile of old books, a drill, glue, lamp wire, and a socket + lampshade. Once you have all the supplies, take your books and drill a hole through each of them. Now, string some lamp write through the holes and glue the socket to the top book. After this, all that’s left to do is add a fitting light shade, switch on the light, and you’re done! For this project, you can either use the socket and lamp wire of an old table light, or you can wire your own lamp. Instructions on how to wire or re-wire your own lamp can be found here.

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