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2017 Home Decor Trends: What's In? What's Out?

Eloisa Latorre | 12 minutes (1513 words) If you plan to redecorate your home this year, have a look at the latest trends for this year as well as those which are slowly dying or are out. We also give you some suggestions to get the look at affordable prices! Have a look! 8 TRENDS THAT ARE IN FOR THIS 2017... LESS IS MORE We live in crowded cities and apartments are smaller. Living in limited dwellings doesn't mean that we should sacrifice style. Over the past seasons, inside trends have focused on creating furniture and styles to make your home look bigger. For this 2017, you should focus on 3 main ideas for great and "hot" home decor:

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modular closet systemsModular Furniture Systems: creativity and modernity flow on homes with "modularity". The greatest thing about it is that you can customize your place. Distribute your furniture as best combine with your home and arrange as much as you want for an always-changing ambience. Moreover, modular furniture will help you hide your stuff in a super comfortable way, as you can easily reach the item that you need in no time! You can choose from modular storage systems as closets, to bigger pieces of furniture, such as building your whole living room with modular solutions. Minimalist bathrooms - Minimalist Bathrooms: far are the days for overcrowded bathrooms. For the year 2017, the trend is minimalism. We want the bathrooms to be an intimate part of the home, we have moved from the last trend which involved huge bathtubs, to smaller bathrooms, which not only fit better in small apartments but also carry sophistication. Another trend for your bathroom is to combine natural and organic materials to create a simplicity and beauty. LANGRIA bathroom shelving unit Get the minimalistic bathroom look with the LANGRIA 4-Tier Ladder Bookcase, available in black or white and in 2 difference sizes, to better fit smaller or bigger spaces. Check them out here wall mount and standing mirrored cabinet armoiresFurniture that hides storage solutions: going back to hide in storage solutions, a trend for this 2017 is to use the Smart furniture, which is full of creativity, innovation and overall, functionality. Choose designs that are flexible enough to perfectly match every room in your home. We suggest using this kind of futuristic furnishing in your entryway and dressing room. The best materials to easily combine are wooden and metallic structures, better in white as they not only match all spaces but creates the illusion of bigger spaces. Retro and modern furniture perfectly blending RETRO IS MODERN Pieces of furniture and decoration from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are back! Adding retro curves of the past to your modern home will create a super trendy and contemporary look. Vintage chairs, armchairs or shelves are great additions for your home, but this retro vibe can be seen in many shapes. If you don't feel the retro furniture thing, choose smaller decoration elements such as lamps, chandeliers or hand-crafted vases. retro lamps vintage retro furniture This Plant Stand in Red Cocoa is an ageless piece. Build in wooden and with its twisted design, it is one of those modern pieces inspired by retro furniture. ​ What about the Red Cocoa Over-the-Toilet Stand? Totally Vintage inspiration. By adding this retro storage solution over your toilet, you will be able to liberate some space in your bathroom from shelving racks. The best of this product is that you can store products in a part of your bath that you normally don’t use: the space over the toilet. However, it is important that you don't overuse the vintage look. By combining many vintage elements, you will obtain the opposite of what this new trend is looking for: old-fashioned decor style. So remember, whether you choose retro furniture or decor elements, just a couple of them will be enough! mix patterns MIXED PATTERNS For all of you who love mixing patterns, today is your lucky day! You no longer have to worry about the now "old-fashioned" statement that says that mixed patterns can be too busy. This mixing fabric was first spotted at NYFW last Fall (and what happens in runaway fashion affects all! Home decor included). Feel free and mix colors and patterns up!! If you want to create more subtle combinations to go with the trend in a more classic approach, a perfect way to keep up with this style is with throw blankets. Combine your soft and warm blanket with a fake leather sofa or armchair. This mix of materials looks ideal for homes, moreover, this combo will make it hardly impossible to leave the sofa when the weather is cool. LANGRIA trendy upholstered headboards UPHOLSTERED HEADBOARDS Headboards made a great comeback (want to learn how to style up your bedroom with a headboard? Check out our guide of Trendy Headboards on a Budget). History repeats itself isn't just a saying. For this 2017 nailhead headboards and upholstered headboards are in, and not only in your bedroom. The nailhead trend does not only stay on headboards, it is expanding through other decoration items and furniture as the elegant and sophisticated credenzas or ottomans. The bedheads are totally replacing the current timber bed frames trend. Choose the color that you like best to combine with the whole style of your bedroom. Or choose a completely different style and mix things up a little bit (we just saw that mixing patterns is very trendy for this 2017). Upgrade your bedroom decor adding instant glamour with the headboards! blue and green are the new trend Pantone colors BLUE & GREEN ARE THE NEW BLACK For this 2017 many are the colors that will appear in all home decor magazines, but Pantone, as the color authority for the design industry, predicts the 2 clear winners: green and blue. It doesn't matter the tone, from lime to emerald, from blue sky to navy, these two colors express rejuvenation and freshness and will be EVERYWHERE! And they don't plan to leave our side anytime soon..floors, walls, furniture, decoration items.. you cannot have too much of these two colors. Smart home devices SMART HOMES Living in a technology world has surrounded us with all kind of devices and chargers. This year, cool Smartphone's charger docks are a trend. In some cases, they have been integrated within some pieces of furniture. If you don't want to go that far, get yourself a modern charger dock, with good lines and futuristic design and find for it a dedicated space at home! A side table or nightstand are perfect options. Check out a few cool and affordable designs from the brand Suaoki GO BIG ON GEOMETRICAL SHAPES 2017 is a year to experiment. We saw before that mixing pattern is totally in for this year, so it is big geometrical designs. Play with colors, or go monochromatic, it is up to you, but leave behind small patterns, it is time to go big! By using different colors, textures and geometric shapes, you will add depth and an interesting twist to your home! Art on Walls ART WALLS Behind are the days of white walls or one-tone walls. Get ready for color, art and shapes. 2017 brings you a huge variety of options to paint your walls: geometric shapes, 2-tone walls and lots of creativity! Traditional wall coverings step backwards to allow different textures and colors to be the stars. There are so many mural styles that will "wow" you and make a big (nice) impact. Colorful walls bring to the room an ambience of playfulness and youthfulness. Combine colors and create beautiful interiors! OTHER TRENDS THAT ARE IN FOR THIS 2017...Jewel Tones: deep tones found in nature such as Rubies, Emerald or Amethyst - Terracotta: on walls or on furniture (e.g: a sofa), earthy terracotta is a big trend for this year - Metallic materials: gold and brass are trendy for this year. You can mix them without hesitating and they will look gorgeous in your room. But be careful! Avoid the cheap ones, you might end up with tacky decoration! - Cork: predictions say cork is making a BIG comeback! Cork walls are going to be a super-functional trend, especially for office spaces. Pin all your notes and create art TRENDS THAT ARE SLOWLY DYING... - Subway tiles: they have been super popular lately, especially for modern bathrooms and kitchen, however, they are in decline now - Quote Posters/Artwork: those catchy and cliche sentences (Keep calm... and others) were a total hit, but it is time to say goodbye now - Copper: it has been overused and while authentic copper is still trendy, all the cheap copies and imitations have put in decline this trend. However, a few details around the house are still ok! - All white rooms: definitely saying goodbye to this trend, as it has been substituted by lively and colorful rooms - Oversized sofas: 2017 is the year of modular urban apartments, which tend to be limited in space so a big sofa is a no-no for the new trend - No more naked windows: although minimal style is on, people are dressing more and more their windows to embellish the whole look of the room We hope you get some inspiration from these 2017 trends, but remember one thing: trends are a temporary and a very subjective thing. Seek for creativeness within them. But at the end of the day, what's most important is that you feel comfortable at home, no matter what trends say!

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