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10 Must-Carry Items to Add to Your Travel Packing Checklist

Welcome, Sweet Springtime! April and May are around the corner and the seeds of commune with nature - and traveling, start flourishing within your heart this season. Which destination do you prefer? a solo backpacking in the mountains? A Cherry Blossom trip to Washington or Tokyo? A hospitable island with great climate? If you are organizing a trip, follow our tips for a complete travel packing checklist: 

1. Power Banks

power bank phone chargers travel checklist

Photo sources: H&M/SUAOKI/ENKEEO
  If you're a traveler and have had your phone battery died amidst a great adventure, you know the struggle. A compact power bank will drive boredom away in the long transitions, keep your devices alive to check maps, and capture those unforgettable moments on the way. You can choose from a large range of options according to your needs. If you want to charge your phone on-the-go, you may prefer a small-sized portable charger; for frequent business travelers, a power bank should suit their needs; if you are a backpacker or camping enthusiasts, why not try solar panels? Also, there are 2-in-1 / 3-in-1 camping lamps on the market that can act as both, power bank and lamp & fan.

2. Packing Cubes

LANGRIA packing cubes travel checklist

Photo source: LANGRIA - More colors and patterns available
  If you want to avoid your luggage becoming chaotic piles of clothes once you arrived at your destination, you’ll want a set of packing cubes. These little helpers make packing – and unpacking, neat and easy. Some people used to avoid packing cubes because they thought they’d be too bulky. While they take up a little bit of space, it’s well worth it, and they actually end up making your packing more compact and well organized when used adequately. With packing cubes it is easy to separate dirty clothes from clean ones, and you can separate him/hers when traveling in couples or with children. They are sturdier than zip-lock plastic bags and have different sizes for all your clothes, shoes and accessories.

3. Travel Neck Pillow

LANGRIA memory foam U-shape neck pillow travel checklist

Photo source: LANGRIA - More colors and shapes available
  Not only the destination affects your travel experience, also commute does. However, it’s not easy to find the right position to have a nap on the way. That’s where a U- shape pillow makes its appearance. A travel pillow will fit securely around the neck for a comfortable sleep while sitting and normally comes with a bag or built-in buckle strap to easily attach to your carry-ons. When making your choice, we recommend memory foam core and ergonomically contoured designs. These two features are the key to selectively displacing pressure and effectively relieve tiredness and aching. Go along with a U-shape travel pillow to satisfy your time between destinations!

4. Multifunctional Blankets

LANGRIA thin blanket travel checklist

Photo source: LANGRIA  - More colors available
  A qualified travel blanket should be a strength, compact and cozy one. Generally speaking, a 50" x 60" blanket is the just right size to wrap you in comfort while you travel. For most of the travelers, practical is the first element to consider when traveling. Portable microfleece blankets are always a good choice because they are easy to carry and not bulky. If you are looking for a stylish travel blanket to use as your beach/camping mat, and to take photos with, you should check this LANGRIA knitted throw blanket. These are designed with geometric pattern and tassels, are compact (50 x 60 inches / 127 x 150 cm) and lightweight (1.24 lbs / 560 g) and come in a variety of colors.

5. Travel Towels

quick dry travel towels travel checklist

Photo source: Wunderstore
  If you are going to a destination you have never been before, it’s a good idea to bring a towel since you might come across hostels that don’t provide them. Moreover, for camping enthusiasts, travel towels are must-have accessories. The most attractive features of a travel towel are light to carry and quick dry. Regular bath towels are too big and bulky to be practical for traveling, so opt for a microfiber towel instead. They are remarkably absorbent, fast drying and take up very little space.

6. Swiss Knife

LANGRIA swiss knife travel checklist

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  Aha! We are not asking you to carry a Swiss knife as a weapon! It is just to help you in case you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need a corkscrew, a flashlight or cut a rope. A Swiss knife is your multi-functional item that is sure to be useful on your journey. But remember! If you travel by airplane, pack this and other sharp items in your checked baggage, as in general, you are prohibited from traveling with them in your carry-on baggage.

7. Safety Items

LANGRIA safety items travel checklist

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  Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and there’s nothing worse than having your grand adventure tainted by losing your possession. Common sense will tell you to carry a minimal amount of cash, have backup cash, credit cards at home (or at the hotel/car) or splitting ID/Passport storage locations. Besides these basics safety tips, you might also need some gadgets for a safe trip, depending on where would you go and who you are. It is recommended to take a lock with you. These handy devices are small enough to easily carry them and strong enough to keep your goods safe. If you are carrying valuable stuff, it’s better to prepare a Bluetooth tracker for them.

8. Small Jewelry Box

LANGRIA portable jewelry box travel checklist

Photo source: LANGRIA  - More colors available
  A jewelry case might not be essential for camping or backpacking. But what if the next trip is to attend your nephew’s graduation party or your sister’s wedding? With a jewelry box, you do not have to wrap your jewelry with a cloth, then keep them in a side pocket. The case will keep your pieces of jewelry neatly organized, easy to reach and in good condition. You can take as much jewelry as you like with this handy mini case. Getting ready will be easy and fast, even when you are far away from home!

9. A kit of Travel Bottles & Containers

LANGRIA set of travel containers and bottles

Photo source: shopswell
  Fill these leak-proof squeezable silicone bottles with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, or whatever makes you feel at home when you’re on the road. Tip 1: look for a set that comes with a funnel. It will help you to transfer your makeup from the original container to the bottle easier. Tip 2: make sure you purchase travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. This way, you will be able to take them with you in your carry-on bag when flying.

10. First Aid Box and Medicines

LANGRIA first aid kit travel checklist

Photo source: mochithings
  You never know when you can have an accident or encounter one, and it is an even harder situation when you are traveling, as you might not have all resources as when back at home. It is vital to carry a first aid kit and medicines along with you to help in times of dire need, especially when you travel solo or with children. (We hope you never need them, though!) Add the following items to your first aid kit: bandages, ointment/antiseptic, cold compress, cotton balls, thermometer, tweezers, antacids, fever and pain reducers. After all, don’t forget necessary pills and medicine you might need like prescription drugs, aspirin, analgesic, and jet lag relief pills.

Final Check!

Now that we just got through the 10 must-carry things while traveling, we hope you can contrast it with your checklist and optimize it if something was missing! Don’t forget to check the forecast and pack according to the climate, and always double-check that you have the basic necessities like wallet, passport/ID, tissues, and power adapter. A detailed plan and proper travel accessories can solve most of your problems on the go. Do you have more tips to make a smart travel plan? What is your must-have when traveling? Let us know in the comment section below! Enjoy your spring days!  
Editor: Eloisa Latorre | March.21tst, 2018
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