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10 Cheap Home Decor Ideas For Decorating On A Budget

These 10 cheap home decor ideas allow anybody on a budget to create a stylish and cozy environment at home. Everybody loves to live in a cozy and well-decorated home. Sadly enough, it is not cheap to decorate. The houses you see online and on TV look stunning, however, the price you have to pay for such decoration is unaffordable to the average person. As of such, it seems that a showroom home decor stays nothing but a dream to the most of us. Or does it? With these 10 cheap home decor ideas from Langria, you’ll be able to spice up your interior on a budget. These fun, cozy, and affordable decorations are guaranteed to blow new life into your interior. If you’re looking for a cheap way to decorate your home, these 10 simple home decor ideas are perfect for you.  

Frame old book pages

Most of us have some old books lying around that do nothing more than catching dust. Although these books may seem worthless, think twice before throwing them away. Our first of many cheap home decor ideas, for example, shows how to use these old books to decorate your home.  Many old books, especially when it’s an encyclopedia, include beautiful drawings and pictures of plants, animals, etc. So before you think about throwing away this book, why not rescue some of its fine art by framing it? Cut out the pictures, find yourself an old wooden frame, and frame them. Although simple, this cheap home decor idea does wonders for the atmosphere in your living room or sitting room.  

Paint your walls

Another straightforward idea that made it onto our list of cheap home decor ideas is to simply paint your walls. Although it might sound a bit silly, a new paint job can fully transform the decor of your household. And the best thing is, it does not even have to cost much!   Painting your walls can be done in many different ways. You can simply pick the color(s) of your liking and use a single color to paint a wall. Or, for the creative minds among us, you can pick a more advanced and unique painting style to pimp up your home. Look at this watercolor wall for example. It’s simple to make yet it looks absolutely astonishing. Just make sure that the colors you’re using will match each other and go along well with the other decoration and furniture in your room. With home decor, it’s all about having good color combinations.  

Switch lampshades

Brightening up your home can sometimes be as simple as switching a lampshade. Most lamps come with a basic single color and boring looking shade when you buy them. After a while, they just kind of blend in with the furniture and you barely even notice anymore that they are there. So why not pimp up your lamps and make them stand out a bit more?  Switching lampshades might be one of our easiest cheap home decor ideas. Simply go to your local store, search online, or visit a secondhand shop to search for some colorful and unique lampshades that fit your lamp. If you can not find the shade that you’re looking for, you can always craft one yourself. Simply buy yourself a white lampshade and use your creative skills to pimp it up with spray paint or scrapbook patterns.  

Indoor mini garden

Adding some greens to your living room does not only make your home feel cozier, it also makes you feel better and more relaxed. Adding plants to your interior brings along numerous benefits. There are many cheap home decor ideas that take advantage of plants and flowers, the best one of which is, in our opinion, a mini inside garden!  Although this idea might sound complicated, it’s nothing like that. All you need is a large or medium-sized container. This can be anything ranging from an old cookie tin to a wooden wine box or a fishbowl. You take your container, fill it up with soil, and add the plants you like. For extra decoration, you can add small rocks or decorative items such as miniature houses or dolls to make it look like a real fairy garden. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it looks amazing!  

Photo frame wall

Add a personal touch to your home decor with this photo frame wall idea. This is perhaps one of the simplest and most affordable picks from our list of cheap home decor ideas. All you need are some photo frames in different sizes and old pictures of you and your family. Mix them up, hang them on your wall, and you’re done.    This home decor idea looks great and makes sure your best memories never get lost. Besides using the picture frames you can also add some other types of decoration around the pictures such as clocks or other types of wooden decor. This will make your wall stand out even more.  

Make your own candles

Everybody loves candles as they add a ton of coziness to your living room. They create a warm and romantic atmosphere which is great especially during the winter months. Candles are great for home decor, however, they can be rather expensive. So, why not make them yourself? DIY candles are in fact very easy and cheap to make. All you need are some leftover tins or glass jars, candle wax, candle wicks, and a pot. For a detailed guide on how to make your own candles, you can check out our previous article on DIY candles.  

DIY coat hanger

Coat hangers are nice for in your hallway, bedroom, or bathroom to hang clothes, towels, and jackets. The problem is, however, that most of they feature a rather boring and straightforward design. As of such, they simply blend in with the furniture and do not really stand out from the rest. Luckily, there are some easy and creative ways to make your own DIY coat hangers. Take this coat rack for example that has been crafted out of old planks and door knobs. All that was needed for this beauty were 4 old door knobs, a wooden board, and some nails. It’s easy and the end result is absolutely stunning.  

Light up a jug

Do you have some old glass jugs lying around that simply are too pretty to throw away? Well, why not grab yourself some Christmas lighting and turn them into a beautiful piece of home decor! Lighting up a jug is yet another simple option found on our list of cheap home decor ideas to spice up your interior.     It is amazing how simple it is to turn an empty jar into a fashionable table lamp. Simply fill up the glass jar with some old Christmas lights and you’re done. This idea is so cheap that it probably won’t cost anything to most of us as everybody has some Christmas lights and empty jars lying around at home!  

Make your own jewelry display

Home decor has to look good, but it’s even better when if it’s also useful in another way. Personally, I especially love home decoration that can help me to organize and declutter my room. And for this reason, I simply adore this DIY jewelry display.  All that’s needed to make this jewelry display is an old wooden frame, some nails, and chicken wire. Simply nail the chicken wire to the wooden frame or scrap wood, and you’re done! Now, your country-style jewelry frame is ready to be hung from the wall and filled up with your favorite jewelry. It looks great and it’s convenient. What else can a girl wish for?  

DIY wallpaper

Using regular paint to color your walls is nice, however, it can also be a little bit boring. So why not try to spice things up a little bit and actually create your own wallpaper? Now, you might think this idea sounds a bit more difficult than our previous cheap home decor ideas, and that is true. But nevertheless, it’s not rocket science! All you need is patience and time. What you need for this project is thick paper, a box cutter, pen, and paint. The first thing you’ll have to do is look for a design you like. Once you’ve found this, copy the design on your paper and cut out your own stencils by using the box cutter. Now, place the stencils on the wall and paint around them with your wall paint. Let the paint dry, remove the stencils, and your personal wallpaper is done!

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