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How to decorate your home with low budget?

It’s the happiest when you get a new home, you always want to make it to be a special space, but don’t know how to do it.
You might look through lots of beautiful pictures on Instagram, Pinterest or Google photos. You will surely be overwhelmed.

You might send this work to a professional interior designer, but you maybe can’t tell whether the design is good or not.
To solve all the above, you need to get your own aesthetics taste.
When it comes to “good taste”, people always link it to “expensive”, thinking it needs to consume big brand or go abroad to enter the home exhibition. But for most people, don’t give ourselves pressures like that.
Let’s start with see enough! When you see a lot of home décor things, you will get your own idea about home décor. And the magazine is a good start.
There are treasures in magazines
Find reference diagrams is the first step for the new. Generally speaking, most people always looking for these diagrams on Instagram, Pinterest, and follow some bloggers, favorite some shops. There are too many pictures om these sites, it’s easy to lost yourself there.
Magazines are ignored by most people because of the high acquisition costs, low convenience, and narrow coverage. I think its advantages far outweigh its defect.
An excellent magazine contains the editor's ingenious thoughts, the staff and interviewees involved are highly professional. Magazines are undoubtedly high-quality content and an excellent choice suitable for all people. You can see the senior editors’ preference, elaborate pictures, and the conscientious recommendation of interviewees from all walks of life. For a new who want to decorate home, this helps to avoid detours.
                 source: 《House & Garden》
What should you look for in these magazines?
I from four points: home décor style, family member, size of apartment and rooms, to explain what you should look through in magazines.

1. home décor style

To understand style, you don’t need to read the magazine carefully. But you need to read several pages of each magazine.
Point 1 Japanese style lovers, come here
Recommend BRUTUS,Casa BRUTUS, both of them are published by Magazine House, BRUTUSwas founded in 1980, most famous lifestyle magazine in Japan. Casa BRUTUSwas founded in 1998, the content main about design and architecture, you can get decoration inspiration directly from here.
            source: 《Casa BRUTUS》
                source: BRUTUS
Point 2 Modern style lovers, look at the following
SEO of modern magazine are Wallpaper andKinfolk. Wallpaperis representative of modern and international, it contains fashion, art, home décor, and travel. Providing the most popular modern lifestyle.Kinfolkprefer more simple style.
              source: 《Wallpaper》
                source: Kinfolk
Point 3 European style lovers, you shouldn’t miss this
The European style is inseparable from its profound cultural, local magazines are the best choices.ELLE Decoration, a home design magazine, which has 8 different versions in Chinese, United Kingdom, German, French, Russian, Spain, South African, and Taiwan. You can start from the United Kingdom and French version.
House & Garden, published in the UK and South Africa, focusing on the big house and courtyard.
             source: 《ELLE Decoration (UK)》
             source: House & Garden

2. The number of families

Besides the style, we still can get the decoration ideas according to the number of families.

point 1 the number <=2

People always have a high requirement for comfort and style when there are just 2 people living in space. So, Lifestyle Magazine in a special niche is what needed, getting decor idea or special color in it. Besides, you can meet more well-known furniture brands, pick one or two designed items for your home. Or you can put the green plants in your house in a designed way, according to the pictures in magazines.

source:《Casa BRUTUS》

For example, if you are the one liking reading and live in a loft, then you may give yourself a book wall like this.

source:《Casa BRUTUS》

point 2 the number>=3

In this condition, maybe you need the method of reasonable storage and space utilization. Jpan is good at this and put lots of ideas in their magazine. 《天然生活》is the one magazine that contains storage method in kitchen, look at the following kitchen, which 3.5 square meters. Kitchen is tidied up neatly, and even placed a dishwasher and a toaster, just because of the use of a small folding table.


Don't worry that you can't understand the language, it not necessary when there is a picture.

3. Living area

point 1 Small apartment / Single room

How to have more living space is the key need for a small apartment. It can still be found in magazines. Look at the following picture, the kitchen is on one side of the counter, and the other side is table and sofa. this open kitchen design is suitable for one who has some visitors. 

source:《Elle Decoration》

You can also learn how to use color to make the room look bigger, it's a way don't take up space, but highlight.


point 2  Big apartment

For a big living space, you have cost more on decoration, so you can't waste what you have paid. Most of the pictures in the magazine were taken in a large room, so you can get lots of ideas in magazine.

        source:《House & Garden》

         Different feel appear when the sofa and the painting are staggered


 source:《House & Garden》

4. Rooms

Reading magazines by rooms is the easiest way to learn decoration.

For example, 《天然生活》, issued in Japan, focuses on the kitchen;

Milkfrom France, is for child room; the high-end magazine;


I'm homelike to show the picture of big house;

source:《I‘m home》

Lagomcontain various workplace



The list of magazines

[ Japanese Magazine ]

-BRUTUS: lifestyle magazine

-Casa BRUTUS: focus on design and buildings

-I'm home: providing high-quality lifestyle


-ESSEgood at providing storage method

[ English or French Magazine ]

-Elle Decoration: having 8 version

-House & Garden: suitable for the big house

-Milk Magazine: focus on child room

-Wallpaper: the bible of design

-Kinfolk: lifestyle centered on family gatherings

-in clover: focus on  slow down

-The plant: focus on the lifestyle of plant lovers
Here, I want to tell you how to get these magazines.
Download from or, a magazine sharing sites need to be paid, you can find lots of magazines here, and the price is far lower than the one you buy from the official site.
I will be back and recommend some magazines from the points of family members, size of apartment and rooms then~
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