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Buying the Right Bed Frame

Eloisa Latorre

Posted on May 02 2017

A Guide of Best Selling Bed Frame Types


If you ever tried shopping for a mattress in the past, you know it’s no easy task. To add to the confusion, once you finally decide on a mattress, there is a plethora of other options regarding mattress frames, supports and bed springs, sheets, pillows, and even mattress toppers and other accessories. 

This fast guide will provide you with a basic foundation for understanding some different types of mattress frames.

Before we delve into some types of bed frames, there are some important questions which you should consider and answer, depending on your needs.

First, it’s important to decide in which room you will use your mattress and therefore your new bed frame. Rooms that are used daily may require a more permanent and design-friendly solution, while rooms that get occasional use, such as your guest room, may require a folding bed frame that can be put away when not in use. 

As mentioned above, the room you will place your frame in has a big impact on the type of frame you should choose. If you are choosing a bed frame for temporary use, consider how mobile and easy to setup it is, so that putting it away or assembling it when needed does not feel like a chore. If you are choosing a mattress for more permanent use, think about how easy it will be to clean under the bed frame; higher frames and frames with wheels or casters will be easier to move around and clean under, while lower ones without casters may require a little more work. 

Not everything costs the same price, and this is certainly true for bed frames, which can range anywhere from $30 to $300 or more. Before you buy, consider your budget and how long you plan on using the bed frame. A higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality, so make sure to research customer reviews and the brand’s reputation before deciding on a more expensive purchase. 


Adjustable frames are usually metal and – as the name suggests, are adjustable to most mattresses sizes. Most adjustable frames can fit Twin to Queen Size mattresses, with some being able to accommodate King Size and larger. This is great for customers who want to upgrade in the future as they can adjust the frame to fit their future mattress (pay attention to the item description, dimensions, and customer reviews to check if your mattress will fit). 

Most models, come with casters and headboard attachments, which make the frame easy to move in order to clean under the bed or to attach a headboard in the future. 

The downside is that these frames usually sit low to the ground, offering little to no storage space underneath. Plus, because this style of the frame usually has three beams for support, some mattresses can fall through, so a box spring or a foundation is recommended for optimum comfort.

Foldable Frames are usually made of metal and may feature wooden or steel slats, which are laid out horizontally, vertically, or in both ways in order to provide support, such as LANGRIA’s Queen and King Foldable Bed Frame. Usually, these frames consist of two parts that are held together in the middle by some sort of system, which makes the two separate unit act as a one-bed frame. 

LANGRIA recommends these type of bed frames for the guest room or when an extra bed is required, as they can be stored away or brought out in an instant, although it may be used as a permanent solution as well. Customers who purchase these frames for more prolonged use can use the underside of the frame as a storage solution – as foldable beds usually sit high, and as a money-saving frame, since the metal or wooden slats usually give enough support for a mattress and thus allow the frame to act as a box spring replacement. Because such beds are easy to fold and store, it makes moving easier, which is perfect for those who move around.

The downside is that these frames are usually not adjustable, so be sure to double-check that you are buying the correct size. This might limit some upgrade choices in the future. 

Platform Bed Frames are very similar to Foldable Bed Frames, in that they usually have metal or wood slats, offer storage room underneath, and can act as a bed spring or foundation replacement. These beds are better as a more permanent solution since most models cannot be folded once assembled. They usually offer more in terms of design, such as different storage options or wooden headboards and footboards, elaborate setups such as a canopy, corner posts, or other decorative options. Simpler models usually feature just the frame itself, sometimes with side skirts to prevent the mattress from sliding off.

The downside to these frames is that, as already mentioned, they cannot be folded, so those customers who require a temporary solution may want to look at foldable frames instead. In addition, these frames are often not made to be adjustable, so make sure to confirm your mattress size before you settle on a Platform Frame. 



This guide was created to inform users about some of the different types of bed frames that are available for purchase. Before making a purchase, users should consider some questions, such as in what room they will use their bed, what size the bed frame is and how easy it is to move, and finally what their budget is. 

Adjustable bed frames are great for most mattress sizes and give customers options when upgrading in the future, with the downside being that they offer little storage room underneath. Foldable frames are great for temporary and sometimes even permanent solutions, as they can be easily stored and then taken out and put together if an extra bed is needed, and can be used without a box spring or foundation. Such frames usually sit high and offer space to store items underneath the bed. Finally, platform frames usually come with many options such underneath storage or decorative features, but cannot be folded and stored away easily once assembled.

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