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6 Stylish Headboards for a Trendy Bedroom on a Budget

rose rose

Posted on July 03 2017

Image: confettistyle.com
​2017 is the year of headboards. They are all the rage now, and this decor trend doesn't seem to leave us anytime soon. If you are wondering how to integrate a headboard to make a pleasant makeover for the guest bedroom or the master bedroom on a budgetlet me tell you a bit more about why they became so popular in the first place:
​Initially, headboards were thought to isolate sleepers from the cold of badly isolated homes. Now, headboards mainly have ​an aesthetic function, able to dress an entire bedroom with a majestic and rich feeling. Some other useful functions are to prevent your pillows falling to the floor during the night, to give you back support if you plan to read or watch TV from the comfort of your bed and, if the headboard is tall enough, it will avoid the feeling of a bare wall, transforming the bedroom into a cozier one.

In terms of matching your headboard with the rest of the bedroom, we have great news for you: the 2017 trend tells us to not to worry about it too much! This year the mix of colors and patterns is super hot. Choose what you like best: contemporary and casual or elegant and cozy. But always remember, whatever you choose, do it because you love it. It is important to remember that the bedroom is the most personal space in someone's home, make sure you feel comfy and relax in it!

Let's have a closer look at the headboards...
diamond tufted upholstered headboard
Beige Diamond Button Tufted Upholstered Headboard: 
Inspired by the classic Chesterfield sofa pattern, this upholstered headboard in beige color is well-padded to provide excellent support if you lay your back on it to read, and it is made with sturdy wooden frame for extra resistance over the years. It has 3 different height adjustments to make sure it can satisfy your needs.
Iron Grey Nailhead Linen Upholstered Headboard: 
totally in! If you acquire any kind of furniture with this style you "nailed it". The Alexander upholstered fabric style headboard with studded nailheads all around the border, adds the sophisticated touch, delivering a contemporary look to your bedroom. Moreover, the iron-grey tone is super easy to match with hardly every decor style, remaining super elegant.
nailhead linen upholstered headboard
button tufted linen upholstered headboard
Button Tufted Linen Upholstered Headboard:
very similar to the LANGRIA diamond button tufted design, this simpler version with 5 middle buttons and vertical lines is very nice-looking and sturdy enough to lean against. The beige color brings some light to the bedroom and smooths the whole look of the room. Combine it with some daring patterns and colors like the one on this image on the left and create the perfect balanced decor style.
Faux Leather Upholstered Headboard
This sophisticated dark espresso PU leather headboard is perfect to spruce up a gentleman's bedroom. It has a classic rectangular frame with a twist of modernity thanks to the upholstered faux leather. It will be a perfect acquisition for someone who is looking to style up the bedroom without taking a big risk in terms of decor style. 
leather upholstered headboard
beige nailhead headboard
Linen Studded Nailheads Upholstered Headboard:
Bring a sophisticated style into your bedroom with the elegant Eccleston design. This nailhead headboard in beige tone has a sturdy wood backing and frame to lean against if you want to read, work on your laptop or watch TV from the bed. The Eccleston shape has a curvy top, smoothing the style and the edges. It will work marvelously in a bedroom with dark tones, as it will bring some contrast and light in. 
Ribbed​ Linen Upholstered Headboard
This tall-slung headboard in iron-grey color is perfect if you are looking for a piece that will drag the attention to the bed area due to its dramatic color, especially if placed against light-colored walls. The vertical lines add a sense of modernity that break with the simplicity of a plain one-tone headboard. With this tall headboard, the wall doesn't feel bare at all, moreover, it is perfect to lean against it.

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